Going to Church on Sunday is a bad idea because:



§ You are going to hear an old book preached as the word of God while clearer and more profound books are downgraded as less valuable to humankind. They are the ones that believers would want to be burned if there was a choice between them and say the Bible.


§ Caring about what God wants is unnecessary. He has the power to do whatever he wants, he is perfectly happy. Put humanity first. Religion says God is goodness itself therefore God comes first. They will add that loving God means serving humanity. But it means serving humanity because he wants it so what he wants is what matters not the people. Remember, don’t love God to be on the safe side because then which god and which interpretation of his plan and will should it be? Why not put humanity first for that would be safer for you can see and hear the people around you while you can’t be as sure there is a God? You can’t believe in every religion that says bad things will result if you don’t believe in it.


§ The Church is more interested in getting you to agree with its beliefs than in getting you to be good. It is beliefs like Jesus being the Son of God that the Church exists for, for you don’t need a Church to preach good and encourage it therefore it is nothing but a glorified bigot club that wants to use you. Science tells you to examine and discover things yourself. Religion says it is okay to think but only within the boundaries religion lays down. For example, Catholics are expected to think only what makes them more convinced Catholics and avoid what makes them doubt. It is obviously only science that cares most about you when it asks you to decide what to believe. Religion does not. Science not religion is what then should be trusted.


§ For human beings to take comfort in a being without any needs and who is perfectly happy is very abnormal though common. You might as well take comfort in the thought of electricity. You will be going to Church to pray and sing hymns to God. How could you joyfully praise a God who does not need your praise and who is already perfectly happy for he is all-powerful and all-good? That is abnormal behaviour. If your requests influence him then he is not perfect for a perfect being needs no influence. If they do not influence him then they are a waste of time and they do you no good so prayer indicates that what God wants matters and to hell with your wants. Any comfort gained from prayer is identical to the comfort that a slave gets from being a slave. It is bad comfort, false compassion.


§ To spend time with God instead of human beings even for a while is a terrible thing. God is just a concept or a belief for you cannot see or hear or touch him and so he is not the same as a person and no two perceptions of God are alike and there are different interpretations of God one supported just as passionately as the next. If you feel you have a relationship with him it is just your imagination for children feel the care of Santa Claus and so you are equalising human relations with a relationship to a concept and your imagination. To say it is not imagination is to say you can prove God’s existence which is forbidden for God religion asks for faith in God which would be impossible if you knew he existed for then it would not be faith but knowledge. To call imagination knowledge would be deadly example to set. If you have to spend time with somebody find a human being to do it with for then you are sure you can make somebody that needs it happy. To say that God’s law comes first is to say that belief in God comes before people.


§ To say you love God is a tremendously two-faced boast and so there is no point in looking like a fool by going to Church. God is supposed to be love right? Face it: you do not care about what happens to people you don’t know, that’s nearly all the world population, like you care about yourself. How can God touch you so that you love him when your heart is largely closed to love for you have to love love to love God? You don’t want to care so you don’t really love God at all so don’t say you can’t help it for that is not the point. You just love what you can get out of him. It is about your terms and not his.


§ Prayer is fanatical and malevolent. All earthly events are intertwined. To ask for the gift of say, patience, or for a bike is to ask God to kill people and give them cancer in the process of delivering your request for all events are connected. For example, if your grandfather had not been at the fair at the exact time he met your grandmother the whole of history after that for the whole world would have been different. It’s a domino effect. You have no right to try and kill people by your prayers and God has no right to ask you to trust him to do the right thing. That people suffer is more certain than that God can be trusted for the senses can verify their suffering. This is human life we are talking about and it is okay for him for nobody can harm him. If you think prayer works you don’t know how. It could be psychic power and you could be causing the evil that gets you what you ask for in prayer. Yet religion says that even if we believe in the supernatural that it won’t harm us we should not be dabbling in it for it is dabbling in what we do not understand. We should not be taking risks like that with human life and a really good God would care more for our good deeds than us communicating with him and so he would not need prayers.


§ The longer we live and the more we have the more we sin so to ask God for anything means we are asking for more freedom and comfort to sin. If it were not for asking to be a happier person, nobody would be interested in God at all. How religious people are deceived by the clergy. To say to God, “Thy will be done”, is evil because it is saying that God should let people suffer if he wishes. Would you say that to a dictator you don’t know well enough? You are vile if you do and you’d need to know him inside out to justify that.


§ You don’t need a God. Even if you know nobody is looking after you up there you can still be happy if you believe in a life after death. This looking after is not much of a comfort for bad things still happen and developing self-esteem is the only way to accept the trials of life so you don’t need God. Believing in survival of death can give you strength and courage here below. But many people believing that as their non-life before birth didn’t bother them, hold that their non-life after death shouldn’t bother them either. And believing in punishment after death is useless and vindictive wishful thinking for all unpleasant beliefs that are unnecessary are just nasty for you can have nicer beliefs. We should do good not because we fear punishment but because we want to so we don’t need threatening beliefs and they arise from spite. We should do good because it is its own reward in that it is a fun challenge and not for a pie in the sky. To say that we might get rewards and punishments but should not be motivated because of them is to remove the whole point of needing God.


§ The Church holds that the main commandment in the Bible as taught by God through Moses and Jesus is to love God with all your heart and soul and mind. That means you love other things not for themselves but for him so it is really just loving him. Christian love then deceives you that it cares for you. The commandment obviously commands you to believe in God but it should not matter what you believe as long as you are a good person and mean well. Fire will burn even if you sincerely believe it won’t but that does not mean you deserve to be burnt so wrong beliefs should not exclude you from salvation. God can welcome people to Heaven as long as they were sincere.


§ To say you love God is the most outrageous piece of hypocrisy and self-inflicted blindness and bigotry out there and amounts just to the exploitation of those who faith has been induced in. To love God a bit is dangerous and sinful unless you are trying really hard to love him more so that you can get to the stage where you love him alone. Being happy with your level of love for God means you don’t love him at all for the love is an insult. You must continually battle to love him more and more. Welcome to stress.


§ Loving your neighbour not as yourself but more is dangerous. It’s letting them have all the benefits that you should have. It is denying your equality with them and if you shouldn’t have those benefits why should they? But the rule to love God alone or more than yourself is worse. It means you would renounce pleasure and happiness and your own existence to be right with a God who doesn’t need your sacrifices. The underlying attitude that your rights don’t count in themselves is still there whether you believe in loving the neighbour most or God. Though God religion will not take all your rights from you it still does not really respect them in its attitude and therefore endangers them. If it is right to believe in disrespecting these rights then it is right to limit them as well and we can’t complain if new religions arise and persecute those they do not like.


§ Muslims have their Sabbath on a Friday, Jews and many Christians on a Saturday and Christians on a Sunday. The law should not be sanctioning the Sabbath day for Christians by having buses off the road and shops closed on Sundays. It gives Christians special rights and privileges which is terrible in a pluralist society. Let Sunday be treated as any other day for what is known to be real should be what is influencing the law not the speculations of religious faith. We have to be empiricists, that is people who work out what to do from what they observe in this world rather than worrying about rules from another world. The belief that God comes first denies this so it is an intrinsically treasonous and dangerous and intolerant concept. Going to Church supports the Church’s exploitation of the law for it makes the Church look more influential.

§ After reading all this, I’m sure you will agree that giving the Church money to spread its message and continue to worship God is a very bad idea too! The clerical system has no excuse for looking for money because if it can’t see itself for the den of thieves that it is then it is because it does not want to see – which means it knows what it is!


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