Prayer is communication with God. We only pray when we are trying to cause a change in the universe or in ourselves or both. We want God to rearrange it for us. We want him to change others and us for us. We are not supposed to pray that way but that is what prayer is really about.
Even if we simply tell God we love him we are doing that for we are trying to get him to cause us to love him more. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be loving him. Prayer means trying to cause God to change something, to make something different. But God is all wise and all-knowing. He will do the right thing whether asked or not. Prayer then amounts to blasphemy (insulting God) and black magic (you can’t expect to fool God except by magic) and superstition (you are nothing in comparison to God and yet you think you can manipulate him). If prayer does no good then why pray? It would be an iniquitous waste of time. What prayer does is not bring us closer to God but brings us closer to the representatives of God who try to control what we think about God. When we follow the image of God they have painted we follow them in reality.
Religion knows that many ask for great spiritual favours from God even of a personal development nature that they never get. What does it do? It goes and puts the cart in front of the horse. It says it knows prayer works and then urges you to imagine that it still works even when the opposite of what you asked for happens. It says there is good in everything. That doctrine is used to mask how prayer does not work.

Church says:  We must not think that God refuses to give us blessings until we ask for them. Prayer is basically letting God know that he knows best and his will be done. It is implicitly asking for his blessing and strength to endure the trials that he may send and he will give these whether we ask explicitly for them or not. Prayer is not just talking to God, it is more than that. It is uniting your heart and mind with the heart and mind of God. When we say you need to pray to get blessings from God what we mean is not that you have to ask for them but that you become worthy of them so that you will be able to receive them. Even if you don’t use words in prayer but just desire to become like God that is a prayer itself for it is telling God you need his help to become more like him.
The Truth: Prayer then is about reshaping you into the Church's idea of perfection. That's all. For example, the married Catholic should turn away from using artificial contraception to please not God but the Church's understanding of God.
It is the worst kind of hypocrite who claims to be humbly making prayer to God to say save the life of a friend. Prayer doesn't develop you into anything praiseworthy.
#Hypocrisy 1 Asking God to help a friend when you mean, "God do whatever you want", is pretending that you want God to do what he wants. You are trying to manipulate God and lie and use trickery to get what you want.
#Hypocrisy 2 In reality you think that it is you not God that knows best. Otherwise you would not be asking God to help.
#Hypocrisy 3 Praying for the person will comfort them for they like to think somebody is thinking of them. But this is misleading them if your meaning is, "God do whatever you want".
#Hypocrisy 4 You think they should be doing the praying themselves. The person in trauma is the best person to deal with getting help from God. If prayer is just about doing the word of God and saying, "God do whatever you want" then you are not doing the person any favours by praying for them. They should be praying to get close to God for that is what prayer is all about and nobody else can get close to God for you and pray for you.
#Hypocrisy 5 If John had stayed in London and not moved to Arizona he probably would not have contracted cancer. Doing different things makes your life different. So he didn't pray, pray right or pray enough so he deserves what he got.
#Hypocrisy 6 If you need help and prayer doesn't work then clearly it may be your own fault. Prayer increases human sanctimony - others will blame you and enjoy feeling wiser and superior and more prayerful than you.
Church says: An all-good and all-powerful God doesn’t need to be asked for anything. But if you make yourself good and holy as you can and become his friend and express that through prayer you will find that good things from him will come your way. Prayer does not change God’s mind, if we want something from him we have to sanctify ourselves so that he will be able to reward us and give us what we ask. If we ask for something that isn't good for us he will give us something better. No prayer made in the proper spirit is ever unanswered. The only thing that stops us receiving what we ask for is sin. God will not give us much if we sin for then we only want to abuse his goodness, we want good things but not to be good.

The Truth: Saints have experienced years of depression that they call the dark night of the soul and have even showed signs of possession by the "Devil". God will do what God wants to do. All the prayer in the world will not stop you becoming depressed if that is what God wants. Doctrines like the above are just bait to manipulate people into the Church.
If prayer works, the one thing that would never happen is depression for nobody in their right mind would say that any good comes from it. And if good comes in spite of it, that is a reason for God NOT to allow it.
Church says:  Prayer cannot change God who will always do what is best.

The Truth:  Suppose a sick person does not get better despite your prayers but claims to feel comforted a little by God. Then when prayer isn’t doing anything for the person you pray for, the feeling of peace it gives is an illusion. Comfort is an insult when you need help. The Church resorts to say you do not really need help for your suffering is part of God's good plan. What a terrible doctrine!
Church says: Some say that prayer does not change God. The reason it seems to is because when God is setting up cause and effect he includes your prayer as one of the causes to bring about some goal.

The truth: If that is true, then it still does not matter if you pray or not.
Church says: Praying for famine victims is noble

The Truth: Donate your wages first and then pray. If you had a choice and it had to be one or the other, should you pray or donate the wages? If God and prayer come first then pray. That is extremism. It means believers do not help you because you are sick but because they think God wants them to help.
Prayer is flavoured with hypocrisy and deceit. And so is any miracle that advocates prayer. People who are vulnerable and in dire need will pray to what they were brought up to pray to. Religion takes advantage of their foxhole situation.


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