The film showing how the Boston Globe exposed grave clerical abuse activities covered up by the Catholic Church stated that, "It takes a village to raise a child and a village to abuse one."  In other words, the many people looking after a child soon look the other way when a priest abuses that child sexually or in other ways.  The few bad apples thing does not work when the priest has that level of support without even asking for it.  Faith works on others like a toxic chemical gas that seems almost supernatural. 


With regard to the Catholic priesthood claiming that they are not all bad in the wake of the clerical child sexual abuse revelations I have this to say.

Child abuse is a part of Roman Catholic doctrine which they support and promote. They want children to honour a man whose historical existence is not as certain as say that of Adolph Hitler as God, who is to be loved with all our powers to their entirety, himself. They are even to die for that man rather than blaspheme him like the apostles allegedly did. The Bible tells them that a being some old men says exists has to be put before themselves and their parents and all love must be given to him and a depraved old book commanding murder and hatred and hypocrisy in the name of love must be accepted as the word of God.

It is child abuse to tell children that it is God's business what they do. So they are left to worry more about what God wants than what they feel they should do. That is no way to teach a child responsibility and imbue self-esteem.

The Bible commands child-abuse for it says that anybody who does not know that their sins murdered Jesus who had to atone for them by his death and rise so that we could rise too will be damned forever in the agony of Hell. These are awful things to tell a child. It is the kind of stuff that would make some children kill when they grow up on the basis that they have committed murder anyway and when it is committed once it is easier to do it again.

The Church likes to keep the fact that the Torah, the Law that God dictated to the evil Moses, did nothing about the Hebrew tradition of marriages being arranged between men and girls who were just children under the mitre. The Law railed murderous venom against adultery and homosexuality but it's God turned a blind eye to this perversion. He did not even have the decency to lay down a minimum age.

There is no end to the self-destructive conditioning that the Church pumps into children. The Bible is a palliative for the conscience of the paedophile. The priest claims to be giving you the most important thing there is, faith in God and in his true Church. But the priest takes no responsibility for what harm this does. He will not compensate you for that or if you can prove you were misled by his Church. If giving him money is not letting him steal off you then nothing is stealing. That is the kind of respect the priests have for you! Tell them where to stick their apologies.


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