coming out as atheist

Step 1:
Research it well. Using the Internet, find historical documents showing how well established it is and how influential.  Know what it really believes in and the myths surrounding it. You can also try searching for the names of famous people (especially people your parents admire and respect) who were atheists.

Step 2:
Be ready for a confrontation. You shouldn’t start the conversation looking to argue, but keep in mind that this is possible outcome. If your parents have good reason not to approve, chances are they will do and say as much as possible to get you out of it.  Do not criticise their religion or faith but concentrate on the positives of atheism for example how you want to be good and do good for others because there is no god to do it for them and that it is luck that provides them with help and you want to be their luck.

Step 3:
Have an explanation ready. No, you don’t need to explain why you have become atheist, but it helps if you can support this decision with facts. Try to think of the reasons why, what attracted you to it, what are the positive things of their philosophy you agree with. Show your parents this wasn’t an impulsive decision but that you actually took the time to understand what you were doing.

Step 4:
Let your parents know you are not there to discuss your choice but rather to inform them of it. Emphasize it’s important for you to have them be part of your life, even if your choices are not what they would want for you.

Step 5:
Offer to take them along with you to an information evening or a meeting or a celebration. They may be more accepting of your choice if they can see for themselves what you are doing. Keep in mind that they may be scared for your safety rather than simply upset, so showing them that there is nothing to be afraid of will make a big difference.

Tips & Warnings

If your parents are prone to anger or to react too dramatically, you may want to hold off on telling them until you are absolutely sure of your commitment. There is no need to start a confrontation if you are likely to change your mind soon.


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