Roman Catholicism says the Blessed Eucharist or the Mass is an act of worship wherein the bread and wine are turned by the priest, who uses the power of God, into the body and blood of Jesus Christ who is true God and true man.

Roman Catholicism says that Jesus is wholly present in every part of the host and every drop in the chalice. Yet the Church has officially sanctioned some of the most astonishing practices in religion today. Astonishing because they undermine everything taught by the Church about what Holy Communion is.

Nowadays in Catholic Churches, the paten – a plate – is not put under the communicant's chin in case the host falls. This is sacrilege for if it is God then it should not be allowed to finish up on the floor. Particles that cannot be seen will fall to the floor and be lost.

Catholics can take communion in the hand. The wafer will give off particles that are too tiny to be detected which would not be lost if it were placed on the tongue the traditional way.

The Latin Mass made the priest hold his fingers together after turning the host into God in case tiny parts of it would be lost. This practice is now discontinued.

The result of giving the chalice to the laity is that some of the “blood” will be spilt or be lost on the lips. It means more of it on the cloths used to wipe the chalice which will end up in the washing machine. If the blood of Jesus is in the cup then it is wrong to administer it in such a way that it ends up at risk. The laity taking the cup means that more of it will be desecrated than is necessary.

Such practices erode reverence for the Eucharist and the belief that it is the body of Christ. The Catholic Church is either not inspired by the Holy Spirit when it allows them or it is resisting him. The sacrilege of abusing the Eucharist brings on one the penalty of automatic excommunication according to Canon Law. The pope reserves the power to forgive this sin to himself. The pope and the bishops and priests are not Catholics for committing these astonishing sacrileges. And if a priest who does not do them but puts up with other clergy doing them he is abetting sacrilege. The modern Catholic Mass contains sacrilegious disrespect for the body of Christ.

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