free will refuted by consciousness?

To be responsible for an action, I have to know what I am doing the very moment I am doing it. But I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. The moment I will something it is one thought in my mind that makes me do it. I am not conscious of my motives at the moment I decide so I do not know what I am doing. What I know before or after is irrelevant. I cannot be responsible for what I do therefore there is no free will.
The more I know what I am doing the more I am responsible. But I only believe I lived a moment ago. Believing is not knowing. So whatever motives I have they come from belief not knowledge. The further back a moment is the more I need belief. You cannot know you were alive a moment ago. What if you have been created this moment and your memories are not real? So your action in the present moment suffers from diminished responsibility for it is based on a past you only believe happened.
This kind of diminished responsibility means that responsibility is only of use to you and nobody else. They cannot live under your skin to assess how responsible you are for what you do.
Feeling free does not mean I am free - an insane person who is not free feels free. We can believe that we are just programmed to feel free. Are we unfree though we feel free? Is the will unfree despite us feeling free? No - despite is the wrong word! Feelings have nothing to do with free will. Don't say you are free because you feel free. Don't say you are unfree despite feeling free. The feelings are irrelevant.
Everything we do is caused by some programming in our mind. We are programmed by the way we are built and by things around us. There is nothing you can do to prove you are not programmed. That means you don't really know if you use free will or not. Those who punish you and offer you a punishing God are breaking the rule, "Innocent until proven guilty".
It is thought that if I walk down a street reading a newspaper I am not consciously walking for my mind is focused on the newspaper but I am still walking of my own free will so free will can exist without being aware. It’s untrue. Intention is something I have to be aware of. The intention that caused the walking is in the past and it programmed a part of my brain to carry on without it so I am walking of my past but not present will and the present will is what has weight and what counts. Think of it this way. I make a decision now. I know what was thought and done by me before this moment has made this decision happen. But what if the past was an illusion and I only came into existence this very moment with a false memory? The effect would be the same but nobody sees the choice as being free. So when it is all the same then I cannot have free will. When you just observe how things take place in your mind in steps in which you are unconscious of the steps that came before you see that the sense or feeling of being free goes and you see it is only an illusion and a trick of the memory.
Those who say they are conscious of free will don't know how to assess themselves. They are wrong. When you look at the matter correctly you see that you are conscious of not having it.


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