Continuous Creation or Conservation

Christians say that God created or made all things from nothing of his own free will!

Some writers warn against confusing creation and conservation.

God is supposed to be an unchangeable being for he is perfect and all good. He is not the creation . The creation depends on him to stay in existence but it is not God or a part of him. He created all things. No other concept of God can be called God. Create means to turn absolute nothing into something. It is a mistake to think God creates at the big bang and that is all he has to do so he can rest (though Genesis says God rested after making all things). What he needs to do is something called continuing creation. He is the continuing cause of all things. He creates the universe now and will create it the next moment. And will until the end of time.

The doctrine of creation says that creation is not a once-off miracle. It is a continuous miracle. This would mean there is just the one miracle of creation. Does God create anew every moment of time? This makes more sense. Those who say there is only one miracle - a continuous one - are wrong.

God worked a miracle a moment ago so that creation could exist. He works another one now. He will work another one in the next moment. This gives the impression of creation as something that stays there. But in fact you have a continual replacement all the time. The sameness is an illusion. The mountain you stand on is a newly created one and not the one you were standing on a moment ago.

The teaching that only God can explain how nothing can become something implies that if God could die or case to exist the creation would revert back to nothing. This makes no sense. It denies that energy cannot go out of existence but can only become something different.


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