What a True Catholic Does--- 

The Hell of Being a Consistent Catholic

The Catholic holds that sin is the worst evil. Some sins lead to the sinner being damned forever in Hell indicating how heinous sin is in the eyes of the Catholic God.

The Catholic hates sin not just because of Hell but because it deserves to be considered to be an abomination.

The Catholic holds that we must hate the sin and love the sinner. But it follows then that the person you judge as the worst is the person you love the most. It would take great and miraculous love to be really able to hate the sin while loving the sinner. This teaching would suggest that Catholics should be grateful if they are categorised as great sinners! But Catholics have no time for that notion as they know fine well that love the sinner and hate the sin is really hating the sinner and refusing to admit it.

Hate sin in any case means to be intolerant of sin. Sin is an offence against God. Yet Catholics worry very little about that aspect. If they fight blasphemy on television, it's always about how the rights of Catholics are being violated. They have a man-centred approach. Yet Jesus said the main commandment was the love of God who is to be adored with all our strength and minds and selves.

Avoiding sin and being intolerant of sin make the Catholic's life not worth living.

Here is a list of what they have to do.

Judge means to disapprove of an action and to accept the principle that it should be punished and if it cannot be punished then that is a pity. It would be hard work judging all your own sins and those of others. It would make you very bitter and fearful.

Avoid the sin of viewing or acting sex scenes in a film.

Avoid the sin of kissing in films - kissing is an intimate act of love. It is a sin for a married actor or actress to kiss anybody who is not their spouse.

Sex in the teaching of John Paul II is complete self-giving and the language of sex is, "I give myself to you entirely and forever." Nobody could manage that lofty goal very often so it follows that sex is nearly always sinful and deceitful.

Boycott medical professionals who are pro-choice: "A person does not have the right to demand that others do wrong - eg legalised abortion. I would hate a medical doctor to be responsible for anybody's care if he or she believes that abortion is acceptable or should be legalised. Such a person regards a human being in the womb derisively as a mere foetus."

Avoid the sin of mentioning an issue without moralising about it. The Christian sees a relationship with God as also being a relationship with righteous for God is holy and righteous and the source of morality. That is what he is worshipped for.

The secularists and liberals say that the Catholic Church when it puts pressure on politicians to do the will of its God is guilty of imposing its moral values on others. They chant, "Do not force your morals on others. It's up to them what to do." It is a sin for Catholics to refrain from forcing the teachings of genuine Catholicism on the nation when they can at least try. The Catholic who argues that Church and state must be separate is a fraud. He will lecture the state on morals from a Catholic perspective. The Church says that secularism is a value system and if it can force its values on people then the Church has the right to do it too. It reasons, "Why not force as values have to be forced on us one way or another anyway? Those who tell us not to force force their view that we must not force on us. For example, they say we must not force an abortion ban on the country but they force pro-abortion laws on the nation."

The Catholic cannot join a political party that has the ethos of equality. The state cannot be expected to legislate according to Catholic principles but according to the principles of equality. Equal rights transcends religion thus they have to be put first when there is a conflict with religion.
For example, even if nobody really wants same sex marriage, the state must allow for it for the sake of the equality principle. Same with same-sex couples adopting. Let's pretend that same-sex couples would necessarily be awful parents, even then the law must legislate for the sake of the principle. It is the only way to avoid the attitude becoming law, the attitude of, "Even if it is best for the child, she or he must never be placed with a same-sex couple."

Real Catholics are homophobic. They are homophobic by default if nothing else. Many are homophobic not just by default but by conscious intent.

People do not agree on how to define religion. The word means to bind or to obligate. As every religion barring Catholicism is man-made - according to Catholic teaching - it follows that there is only one religion that obligates. And that is Catholicism. Thus the Catholic cannot refer to "other religions."

Competitive sport does not result in character building. It is not for helping people but for winning. Passion for sport is usually simmering violence and aggression. If competition were about human goodness, it would follow then that we would have the ugliness of one person trying to do more good than the other. The true Catholic or religionist cannot participate in sport.

The Catholic approach to the law of the land is based on the presumption that the law should be intended and is intended to make people more moral. The Catholic concludes that she has the right to seek the law to prohibit people from being immoral as Catholics understand immoral. Catholics maybe should defend the freedom to sin if they really believe we have free will. You must defend and promote your view with argument, not coercion. If this proves impossible you should perhaps revise your view.

The Catholic cannot rent a house to a gay couple or a couple living in sin.

The Catholic cannot allow a single person or non-Catholics to set out to adopt children. The Church says God has planned heterosexual marriage as the right environment to raise children. Singles who think they are a better choice than the thousands of married Catholic couples who are on waiting lists to adopt are sinning.

The Catholic employee cannot be asked to put up posters supporting abortion or same-sex marriage or secular humanism.

Catholics cannot pass by such posters and not ask the person responsible to take them down.

The Catholic cannot allow a lonely hearts advert from a gay person to be printed. The Catholic employee cannot be asked to get it it printed.

The Catholic institution cannot provide benefits to same sex married couples.

Catholic schools cannot hire a teacher known to be LGBT even if he or she will not get involved in LGBT pride events or activism etc. They may say they are not discriminating against the LGBT person but against the LGBT condition.

Catholic Hospitals will fire a nurse or doctor just because she becomes a single mum or a non-Catholic.

Catholic homes for the elderly and infirm can’t accept residents who are in a same-sex relationship.

The Church says most tax payers in a nation are Catholic meaning that the state should fund Catholic schools and hospitals.  It follows then that preference for jobs in the public sector should be granted to Catholics.Catholics cannot attend non-Catholic worship. Error mixed with truth becomes more believable. Thus the Catholic cannot say, "I attended the Presbyterian service not to support its errors but to support the truths taught. Presbyterianism believes some of the correct Catholic teaching."

The state has to budget. Budgets are not just legal documents but moral ones in the eyes of the Church. Each religion has its own interpretation of morality that it says must be accepted as true. One religion allows abortion and another forbids it. The Church claims the right to persuade the state to implement its morality. The Church has to claim a right to interfere in the state budget.

If church schools or hospitals or whatever want to have freedom to refuse employment or inclusion by those whose lifestyle they disagree with, then they must refuse federal funding as well. They are providing vital public services using public money, and thus they should not have the right to impose their religious beliefs on those who have little choice but to use the service they provide.

Loyalty to the state which looks after you is what matters. Not religion.

If Catholicism is the true faith, the true Church of Jesus Christ, no wonder he said to his followers that they must strive to get through the narrow gate. He implied that being holy is really really hard. Being the consistent Catholic is a guarantee of being on the receiving end of religious persecution.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/matthew-archbold/the-separation-of-church-and-state-is-a-one-way-street/#ixzz2EbeifO5n
Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/matthew-archbold/the-separation-of-church-and-state-is-a-one-way-street/#ixzz2EbVHp8cy


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