Are Men Given a Christian Right to Procreate by Rape?

Religion banning abortion and contraception and the morning after pill means religion forces women to have babies by rapists.

Some philosophers argue the following.

The woman who is a victim of rape has the moral right to prevent the pregnancy for the following reasons:

First, the rapist (including his sperm) is an unjust aggressor who has violated the woman's dignity.

The rapist is not an unjust aggressor any more for the rape has ceased. It is ludicrous to describe his sperm as unjust aggressors.

Second, rape is an act of force and violence, unlike the conjugal love in marriage whereby both spouses give freely of themselves in an act of united and procreative love.

This teaching implies that rape in marriage is necessarily not as bad as rape outside of it.

And just because a pair are married it does not mean they are united in love.

And rape is more than just force and violence. It is about sex too.

Third, the woman is not responsible for the action, and thereby has the right to prevent the pregnancy.

There are some cases where a woman has part responsibility for the rape. If a woman makes suggestive remarks to a stranger while taking a lift she has partly asked to be raped. These women are excluded by the third point.

It is said that none of these reasons contradict the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae, which, because of the free-giving between spouses, stated, "Each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life" (no. 11).) But the Church says that sex outside marriage is a marriage act and that it is a lie to use a marriage act while not being married.

The Roman Catholic Church continues to forbid the administration of any drug that takes the alleged life of the fertilised ovum even in cases of rape.

In many places, a woman cannot get treatment to prevent conception. All she can do is take the morning-after pill to deal with conception if it has already taken place. This is forbidden by the Church!

And the vast majority of the women that got pregnant from rape, did not have modern treatment available to them. If all they had was the pill, the Church would forbid the use of the pill and thus they would be forced to continue their pregnancy because of religious doctrine. These are the women we must honour by rejecting the Church.

As contraception is a sin, the Church teaches that a rapist wearing a condom sins more than one who does not.

The Church's contorted rationalizing of evil can lead someone to conclude a pregnancy from rape is God's will, without any regard for the victim who was raped or how she or he (men get raped too) might feel. Believing that God intended for Jesus to be lynched to save the world requires a person to override empathy, lose their moral bearings and accept evil as divine will -- some even believe suffering makes them closer to God or reveals divine will.

Bizarrely, some who oppose the morning after pill on the grounds that it causes an abortion say it is allowed in the case of a rape victim because the intention is to prevent pregnancy and not to kill the fertilised ovum. They say that even if it is there, nobody is sure so it is no more murder than shooting randomly in the dark and killing somebody. It's accidental. But it does not prevent pregnancy but kills the ovum. If life begins at conception and the zygote has the same rights as a fully grown adult then it follows that it is better to continue the pregnancy than to kill.

The Catholic hierarchy wants your money. They want YOUR tax money when they deny beaten and raped girls contraception. They want your tax money when they refuse these victims comprehensive health services. In fact they even refuse to provide information about where victims can get contraception elsewhere.

The Church enables men to procreate by rape.


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