Criticising never does anything positive. Suppose you feel you are poor at maths. Do not say, "I am bad at maths", but, "I find maths a challenge and I know I can do better."

To criticise another is to say to yourself, "Criticism is unpleasant and I consider myself deserving of this displeasure." That is hidden self-criticism.

It is dangerous to criticise others for often we criticise and dislike in others what we dislike in ourselves. To think negative of another means you also are critical of yourself. Have the confidence to affirm: "I do not criticise myself because I don't need to. I am so confident that I am learning and improving that I see no need to do it." Have the confidence to affirm, "My so-called faults such as my bad temper or my shyness are not faults but virtues. My bad temper made me entertaining and made others sees me as human. My shyness means that I am very genuine when I do make friends."

Be Libertarian

Be as liberal, permissive and open-minded as possible. Avoid criticising.

Be as libertarian as possible. Recognise that not everything that harms people can be banned. Too many moral rules cause only annoyance and encourage people to be more judgemental.

If atheism is insulted then let it be. Just do not get upset and merely kindly and gently spell out how factual atheism is. Religion is an excuse for people to find things to be offended about and we cannot fall into that trap and we do not want the temptation to try to bully or force others into saying only what we want to hear. There is enough to offend us without religion or atheism being grounds that risk us taking offence.

Try to never be offended. To be offended means you are passing judgement. Your judgement of a person as rude or stupid or evil does not define them in reality. Rather it says something about what you are. It says you are a person who is willing to judge. It is a vicious attack on your own good potential. It demeans you more than them assuming it demeans them at all.

Welcome being insulted and seek out things that offend you so that you will get used to it and not mind or mind much any more.

Liberalism advocates a lot of freedom to choose. For example, liberals may do little to protect marriage. This is only right. It is up to people to look after their own marriages. Liberals may sometimes silence those who contradict them. They believe that their opponents oppose freedom so they feel they cannot tolerate their views. They are right that opponents of freedom have to be stopped.


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