Religion and Eternal Damnation the doctrine that you become irredeemable if you die estranged from God

The Christian Church and Islam give us a Heaven where those who are suitable have everlasting joy with God and they are so happy they will never leave it. Those who are unsuitable go to Hell to suffer forever and there is no escape from Hell. It is everlasting torment and filled with the pain of having lost God forever.   How can those who are in heaven then be happy while the damned suffer in Hell?

The religions reply that because the damned have chosen this fate themselves and are so evil and hateful the people in Heaven are able to be happy because they don’t care. The idea that the saints forget about the damned in their happiness is unacceptable for that would mean forgetting all God did on earth to get you into Heaven and his saving you from Hell. If so that is an affirmation that earth life is really just a waste of time. It would still mean the saints don't give a toss about the damned.

It is better to hate a person than to not care about them. Not caring is worse than hating. When you hate a person, you are able to turn the way you care about them into the desire to hurt them. If you didn't care to some degree, you wouldn't be upset by them or able to hate them. People only hate you because they care about you on some level. The person who hates you could be the one to save your life which the person who doesn’t care might not do. The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference or not giving a toss.

These faiths offer you an immoral existence with an immoral God in an immoral Heaven. They look forward to being evil but happy for all eternity.

A religion with an unhealthy goal is an unhealthy religion, and worthy of being opposed, no matter how much good it does. It cannot ask for thanks as long as refuses to abandon the doctrine of everlasting torment in Hell. Its goodness is largely hypocrisy. To approve of Hell is to sanction the greatest not-as-good of all.

If we are to love sinners before they die but not care afterwards then a frightening truth becomes evident. We love them only because God commands it, not because it is right. For it if it is right then we must love them after death too. Real love loves because it is right and not because anybody commands it.

Nobody has the right to believe on religious grounds that any person deserves and should be sent to everlasting torment. That is putting faith before people. Choosing such a belief says a lot about the chooser. 

Do not demean yourself by believing that you can become wholly evil and separated from God. Believe that your potential is to be good and to love. Your mistakes, both big and small, do nothing to disprove that.

The doctrine of some is that the mind is so powerful that if you believe in Hell and that you should be there forever you will create this Hell for yourself forever at death. They say that you go there simply because you create it by believing in it. If so, it is vital that we do all we can to make people discard the belief and that we do it to bring them joy.

Hell is clear proof that the Christian faith and other faiths that teach the doctrine are "immoral". To believe in Hell is to make the most powerful negative affirmation of all. We know that affirmations can be a force for good or not-as-good or both. The belief is very harmful.


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