If there is a God he is a deceiver for if he is good he cannot tempt us to sin but then how come he put the inclination and liking for sin in us which amounts to the same thing? Such a God would be an impossibility.

If God lies we can trust nothing he says for it may be a lie told for a mysterious purpose. It does not show that everything he says has to be a lie. That is why religion has to forbid lies so that we can trust in its revelation from God. Revelation implies a God who scrupulously serves the truth.

God’s asking for trust would be a brutal lie if he has no right to.

God may assist liars by refusing to expose them. Religion says he may have to do this for his purpose for he sees some worthwhile good in it. They conclude that he can do this and not tell a lie himself. But when he assists lies he has no business boasting that he is truthful for he is not that worried about truth and so we cannot take his word for it. God makes mad people tell believable lies which is lying through them. He after all is supposed to be in control and holds creation in existence. So he is responsible. If truth is so important than God cannot lie then he cannot let lies go unexposed either but he does. Not exposing a lie can do more damage than telling a lie.  So if God causes lies he would lie himself. Certainly, he might assist in lies and not lie but if lying is so bad then he would lie. You don’t trust the statements of a man about his neighbours when he lies about what is on the television though they are two different things. Only a person who is insane would trust him and religion wants us to trust God who is as bad. God unjustly wants us to mistrust man and trust him though both are as shifty.

God could fib. Telling huge lies means you would tell fibs but telling fibs does not mean you would tell big lies. But no revelation says God fibs. And when God demands death rather than apostasy or dissent from what he says no lie he tells is a fib.  In the Bible he ordered Jesus to die at his command and urged the legal murder of adulterous people and homosexuals.

Some say God could tell us to lie but not lie himself. Does that leave room for trusting God? But when lying is absolutely forbidden by God and killing and hurting are not it is obvious that God cherishes truth above all else. Now, if truth should be ranked so highly then God cannot tolerate lies. He has to tell people when they have been lied to. He cannot pull the mad person’s strings to make them lie. If he does these things then he would lie himself. That is the answer to those who say we have no reason to distrust God if he causes or preserves lies so we should trust him as long as he doesn’t actually tell a lie himself.
Some say we should not be sceptical of everything God says if he lies or causes lies. But that would mean we should only believe God when it makes sense to us. But God has to be mysterious. He only tells us a little and reveals things that seem incoherent and contradictory to us such as that he is one God in three persons.  So all that is out. If we listened to reason we would not believe God at all and we would not need him to talk.

God being spirit is his attributes such as truthfulness. God is infinite truth so there is no untruth at all. So if God is a spirit he cannot have anything to do with lies or assisting in them at all. This tells us there is no God when lies are maintained in the world.

If God wants us to believe and is right in saying we owe it to him to believe then lies and anything to do with them is forbidden no matter what the circumstances for if he permits them we would not be able to trust him for his ways are mysterious. The revelation dogma calls on the world to become a bloodbath which is what will happen when lying is banned totally.
Jesus said that we must love God with ALL our being and this is THE greatest commandment meaning that subscribing to divine revelation is of supreme importance and even dying to avoid lying is right.


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