Why does God have the right to tell us to be moral and what is moral?  He either makes good or he discovers it.  There are two options - God makes moral moral or he doesn't and morality is independent of what he thinks - morality is morality regardless of what he thinks about it.

The first option means he can tell you to abuse a child for nothing and still be good. It makes no sense and is dangerous.

The second means we don't need God and have the right to disagree with him for morality would have to be followed whether there is a God or not.

Christians have contrived a third option. It however is irrelevant. It is not an option.

Anyway, the third option says that moral values such as kindness and justice and love are in God's nature. He did not make himself what he is - he is just kind and fair and loving. Thus morality gets its authority from God's nature. It is not invented by God nor is it independent of him. 

But the problem is that it has to be invented by God or something or not invented and that is that. The third option denies this so it is a cosmetic and not an argument. It is a lie - a morality that expresses a lie and that rests on the foundation of that lie is fake. It is an invention.

And a God who freely chooses the moral values is better than one who has no choice, one whose nature is the moral values. Your nature is that that makes you what you are and you cannot change it. A free God is a moral God. A God programmed to be moral is only possible if morality is independent of him.

And if you are moral if your nature makes you do evil as long as you cannot help it. The doctrine does not give us a God we can really trust.

And if we say we need God to believe in morality when we actually do not, that means morality can stand on its own feet. And if we fail to see that we are not moral inside no matter how moral our actions seem to be.
If we must not do good just because God commands it but because we want to have a character that mirrors God's character, why does hardly any Christian know of this doctrine? Why does nobody want to know? Why are the clergy so keen on inculcating false virtue in the people?

Divine command theory presumes that commanding is the greatest good and the only way to serve good. So being commanded to help a baby is better than any benefit the baby gets. Obeying is what you are to be praised for. A morality that is about commands not love is disgraceful. It offers you a mimic of love but not love. Also, it leads to the view that God’s rules are not to be discussed or criticised. That stops you having a moral conversation with the believer and stops people taking the morality seriously. Is it any wonder that Christians are only Christian when the public eye is on them.

God ruins the moral leanings of the heart. And so do his followers.


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