God may in principle be able to communicate but if we have to way to be sure it is him then the end result is not communication.

Being inspired by God does not stop a person sinning or take away their freedom.  Why God is able to inspire prophets even ones that fell away like Solomon why can't he inspire more people?  Why is it all about giving a religion a few doctrines and holy books so that you have to get God's word second hand?  This is more than just suspicious.

That aside, God supposedly gives us general revelation and or special revelation.

General revelation is indirect. It is when we use the gifts God gave us to work out he is there and that that certain things do and certain things don’t get his approval. Conscience then is indirect revelation from God and as it is indirect we can distort it. The revelation is general for all have it. Special revelation is basically any other kind. Say if God was talking to you through you casting runes. Or maybe he appears in dreams or visions. Special revelation can be direct or indirect or a combination. Somebody is chosen this time for the sake of the message.

Is the difference between the two valid? Which one matters most? If God is not implanting conscience and prompting us to inform it then nothing else matters. Claims of special revelation can be ways to silence or replace conscience for example when Muhammad called for violence in the Qur’an or Jesus abused his Jewish authorities. Indirect special revelation makes it too easy to imagine God is communicating with you. It is too easy for you to for you won’t get the same social, negative and critical attention as you would if you claimed visions.

What matters then is conscience. Everything else is just an accessory including dramatic visions. That they even have to be dramatic and seek attention is a reason for discarding and disowning them. Conscience is not about such flamboyance.


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