The Church aggressively manipulates people to get them to disagree with divorce on the grounds that it is bad for the children. Even if it were necessarily true that divorce is bad for the children the fact remains that the Church opposes it not for that reason but because it holds that the state is unable to really dissolve marriage. The marriage "ended" by divorce still exists in the sight of God despite the efforts of the state to end it. A Church that would oppose divorce even if it were good for the children has no right to use the harm divorce does children to sway public opinion against divorce. To say that divorce is bad for it is inexpedient for child welfare and the family as an institution is to say that divorce may not be bad in itself but just bad because of the way we treat it and the results it has. That is heresy for a Catholic for the Catholic holds that divorce is always wrong for marriage cannot be ended except by death. The tendency of people who don’t know too much about religion to mistake its principles for humanitarian ones has contributed to the power and the wealth that religion has. Religion thrives on error.

The Church does not detest divorce because of what it does to the children. If it cared about that it would at least let childless marriages end by divorce.
There are ways to prevent the children from being damaged at least too much and it is up to the discretion of the parents to decide how best to do this. It is never divorce that hurts the children but the failure of the parents to be civil. There are thousands of children who were not very upset at the end of their parent’s marriage. It is advisable for the father or mother to leave them for say two days per week for a while so that when they leave finally the damage will be minimal. They could extend it to three days and take the children out on the third day. We all know it is best to make the break gradually. The Church does not encourage this thinking for it simply does not care about the children at all for it is using them to scare people off divorce. There are ways in which the children can still have both parents – perhaps the father can buy the house next door. The Catholic who protests against divorce for the children is a liar. The Church is not thinking of the children when it makes it a duty for a parent who is married to a sceptic who tries to persuade the children that Jesus was not God to separate and take the children away from that person.


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