Jesus stupidly and maliciously said that merely divorcing causes adultery

Jesus said divorce whether by man or woman is adultery. Jesus specifically judged women who divorce to remarry as adulteresses which was odd for they had no right to divorce.  He was not going to risk them getting any rights.  It did not matter that at the wedding they had no consent to give and were underage and only forced into marriage to become breeders.

He was asked about the divorce by the Jewish leaders. Banning it as adultery was part of his reply. Some Jewish schools would have agreed with Jesus being so strict. He was telling liberal and undecided leaders to take that narrow path too.  He told the Jews to uphold that teaching which meant, “Stone divorcing people to death.” He knew they upheld the right to murder. See the implications? Stonings of “adulteresses” were happening. Teachings like his kill.

Jesus is said to have permitted divorce for pornea but we must not lose sight of the fact that nobody says he commanded divorce. The commands about reconciliation still rule out divorce as a solution. It puts a limit on divorce that does not differ much from a complete ban. The gospels are clear that reconciliation must go to what most people would see as an insane level. Notably in that light, Jesus would not support anybody divorcing because they wanted out of a heterosexual marriage to live as gay or lesbian!

In the Matthew Gospel, Jesus according to the New American Bible translation says, "But I say to you, whoever divorces his wife (unless the marriage is unlawful) causes her to commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery." The idea that if she is divorced with her consent or without it, the man is still to blame for her adultery. The interesting thing is logic says she need not marry again and what happens after is her responsibility not the man's. Yet Jesus judges him as causing adultery. This would imply that if abortion or same sex marriage or divorce are sins then if you vote in a government that protects these things you are as much to blame as the people having abortions and so on. The reference to the marriage being unlawful is best understood as saying, "If you divorce your wife and she was married before and her husband is still alive that is not making her commit adultery."

It should be noted that divorcing somebody is not making them commit adultery.  An answer is that Jesus redefined breaking a marriage as adultery and betrayal and as bad as going off with a new partner.  It would mean that separation is a sin.


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