Catholics hold that for God to live in your soul and keep you good you must not put him out by mortal sin.  Mortal sin kills the presence of God in you.  Venial sin is less serious sin but it damages the relationship with God and does not end it.  Protestants say that venial sin is a Catholic invention and we all sin and since all sin is mortal, Jesus has to take our place before God to get us saved.  Either Catholics or Protestants are insulting the work Jesus did to atone.

All priests must know fine well that all sin is mortal for they preach the necessity of looking at all your sins to see if you intended to divorce God by them. They are as bad as the Pharisees of the Bible. Catholics who agree with them are in the Devil’s chains if there is a Devil.

One can nearly hear the Catholics saying: ”The priests and theologians are continually pondering over such matters so they would teach the same as you if you were right. Please, don’t ask me to believe that all those wonderful men were liars and that they suffered and sometimes died for falsehood and hypocrisy.” Atheists are sorry but they have to. The Catholic priests are just all frauds for they know that all sin is an infinite insult and then they arbitrarily and bigotedly contradict it by preaching venial sin! This is blasphemy. They hate anyone they have got prosecuted for blaspheming for they blaspheme too. They even refuse to submit that their own blasphemy should be counted as or considered to be a serious sin. If there is a Satan he is very powerful and when one reflects upon the sly ways of the priests and the theologians one will notice that one has underestimated his magic before.

I will never forget the first moment I learned why mortal sin deserves Hell. For in that moment while waiting for confession in my parish Church, I realised that all sin must be mortal. I preferred my Catholic pipe dreams to the truth so I pushed my doubts to the back of my mind. I did not realise it for many years but I had sold my soul to Satan just to gratify that part of me that was conditioned to heed and adore the Catholic cult.

Anyone who preaches that venial sin exists is either totally naïve or lying.

God or the priests are in no position to tell me what is a mortal sin and what isn’t. It is my conscience and decision and belief that determine if any act will be a mortal sin. They are telling me if I have sex outside marriage that I should intend it to be a mortal sin. Do they want to punish me not because sex is that wrong but because I have sex? If so then this is jealousy and interference and persecution in their purest forms and self-righteousness and sadism are the motivations.
Jesus said that God accepts no sacrifice from anybody who has fallen out with a neighbour and who does not go and make peace with the neighbour first. This proves that the Catholic Church which does not insist on this is in breach of the law of Christ and is not his infallible bride. Jesus was right so the Church is blind to what the right thing is and that is terrible and more inexcusable when it reads his words.

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