All things are part of one huge domino effect. Each and every event affects the other. Every thought ultimately steers the universe in a new direction. Even dropping a paper clip changes the direction of your life and the world forever. It makes it go a different way.

If magic works then it works by causing an event that will set the stage to lead to your wish coming true. That makes it simpler than trying to send out power to control a pile of events to bring the result about. All you have to do is direct that one tiny event will happen that makes the domino effect go the right way for you. But that cannot be done because you have to take control of everybody else’s magical domino effects as well. It is not simple and requires the impossible task of trying to influence everything and everyone on earth. All magic must require a vast amount of power that would put a thermonuclear bomb to shame. When you need all that power just for the tiniest possible spell how can any spell work?

If magic can get you what you want and cannot enable you to secretly find the cure for death or deafness whatever so that you can save or heal yourself there is something wrong.

If there are two magicians they will be working at cross-purposes for each is trying to change the domino effect in his or her way. One change in the chain wrecks everything.

Using the domino effect will ensure that it will be one hell of a long time before you get your wish for there are billions and billions of events that have to work for it and billions of rival forces to get out of the way first. Magic could work but it would be useless when if you cast a spell for love the love will not be won for you by the spell until after ten billion reincarnations!

Could you cast a spell to keep the domino effect you are using separate from the ones used by others? Then you would be asking for some force to sweep you and some others away to another world to get you away from the domino effects on earth for you cannot step outside the universal domino effect. What you would need to do is to work a spell to cause the different effects to link up with one another to produce all the effects.

You can get out of the general domino effect for a while. When you are shut away alone in your room dying for example. You are strapped down and immobile in the place where you will be found dead so no matter what you think or try to do it will not change anything in the future. In that room, you will have a domino effect that nobody else will be able to change. Why can’t you magically ensure that you will not die until somebody opens the door? You should be able to when you have temporarily escaped the effect.

If magic existed then you should be able to alter your concept of time so that you dream the equivalent of a century in some island paradise. Why can’t you have visions of the future – if you can do silly magic?


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