It is argued that your uterus is not about you and is donated by you to provide new life meaning you have no right to get that life out when it depends on your body.  Expelling it as soon as you can is one thing.  But consciously ending its life is another.  It is argued that nobody says you have a right to have unborn child’s penis removed so how can you have the right to end its life?  What if you get body parts removed from the child just because you can and because you are going to abort it anyway?

The answer is that morality is grey and is not all love and respect and light.

Also, the person does not take egg and sperm and manually unite them and implant them.  There is a sense in which a truly planned pregnancy is a myth.  And today we affirm that a person who chooses to get pregnant and it happens still has the right to change their mind and have an abortion.  The uterus is not donated but taken.

Imagine in a parallel universe, I am dying in unspeakable agony and will take a year to pass away. Suppose the only cure is if somebody lets me touch a particular painting by the artist Machevellio. It belongs to a rich person. In fact that person cannot be forced under pain of duty to send the painting to me, to let me borrow it. It is not their duty. It is nice if they comply and help but it is okay if they do not. This rejects a utilitarian view that it is wrong to not bother doing something, especially when it is minor, to avoid terrible consequences.

Jesus is to blame for the Church's refusal to be pro-abortion when the person chooses abortion freely if he was behind the gospel account of his birth. It is claimed that Mary conceived him while being very much underage, malnourished and at risk of being stoned to death. The holy spirit is supposedly behind the conception. That clearly opposes her right to choose and her right to protect herself from death for it infers that God decreed she must carry him to term.

People need to start seeing and admitting the link between thinking the Eucharistic wafer is a person and thinking that the foetus is a person or that whatever it is, God does not allow its life to be ended. The Eucharist psychologically fuels harm against reproductive rights.


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