Do not fear your death for you are used to it!

You are not the same person you were five years ago.  You are not the same in your mind.  Or your body.  You have been rebuilt.  By learning and exercise and nutrition you have remade yourself.

You have died a million times without noticing.  Is death no big deal then?

Death is very serious. But as it is inevitable we have to remember that we will never know what happened anyway. 

If we ever get the opportunity to live forever in a young and healthy body through science we must not refuse it.  If we get the chance to live forever on earth we will take it instead of thinking about going to some heaven or paradise. This thought tells us to improve this world and let nothing stop us. It tells us that it is our business what the future holds and we must do something about the wrong in the world for we might have to endure it at a future point.
Life after death doesn’t mean that death isn’t too serious we are told.  In fact it is obvious that it does.  We know that taking death seriously is not the same as ruining our mental health worrying about it.  So there is no need for the afterlife theory.  It is in fact a sign of immaturity.

Death is degradation for the one who dies. The rule that faith must never come before humanity requires us to abhor death as if we were sure it is the end. Why? Because we have solid grounds for holding that death is the end.  There is no evidence that who you are is separate from your brain.  Don't argue that there is no absolute knowledge on this.  You don't consider that your dead budgie might be living in the garden gnome down by the pond or is now that goldfish.  The absolute knowledge thing is an excuse and you don't really believe it.

Do remember, the truth about death. Are you twenty years old? No you are not. You are only a few months old for what comprises your body now didn’t exist months ago. Your body has died and been totally rebuilt with a duplicate. You are dying all the time. There is nothing to fear. Yet you are the same person despite all these deaths and regenerations.  

We die every night in our beds so that we may come back fresh and willing to take on the world in the morning. Death is no worse than falling asleep! It brings pain to those whom the loved one leaves and they must be comforted and be supported.

Remember that despite sleep being you dead to the world, you prefer it to a horrible day where you feel as bad as you possibly can.

Death is peace and everybody rests in peace.  As death should not happen, we should wish that people will rest in power.  This affirms how it should not happen and is a slap at God if there is one.


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