Catholicism lies that we need belief in God and need God to be good

If God cannot command us to hurt a child then it follows that goodness is independent of him. Our instinct tells us that. We would have to defy our nature in order to agree with the Church that goodness depends on God and good depends on goodness! Would that be good?!
It is up to each person to decide what is good for themselves. It is impossible to really obey commandments because God says they are good and because God commands them.
Religion says we are bound to keep the laws of God. Thus religion is founded on lies and injustice.
It is none of God's business what we do or believe.
Want proof?
Is love right whether God says so or not?
Or is love only right because God says so?
Put it another way. Is what God commands good just because God commands it? If it is then we have to permit believers in God to claim he has made child sexual abuse a sacrament and a blessing. Many Christian paedophiles reason exactly like that! Why obey God then? Why not invent our own morality and obey ourselves? His morality talks about fairness so he can't complain.
Or is something good whether God commands it or not? This implies that even God has to follow standards of goodness. He does not decide what is good but has to learn what is good. Goodness then would be independent of God. We would automatically get the right to disagree with God. It implies that being good matters and not serving God.
God inventing good means that we are better off believing goodness is real and not invented even if it is untrue.
So what has God got to do with us being good?
Christians have only one response to this problem and it's lame and dishonest. It is really saying that God invents a real morality. That idea is automatically contradictory. They say, "God is good. His nature is good. His commands are good and he would never command us to hurt a child. Morality is grounded in the nature of God". It's dishonest for it is not a response at all. It ignores the fact that God either makes right right or right is right no matter what he thinks or says. If right is right even if there is no God then we should do what we perceive to be the right thing even if it means going against God. It means that goodness matters more to us than God does. He does not come first in our hearts or lives. My morals are ultimately my own decision. Worse, it denies that there really is such a thing as doing the right thing! If morality were based on the Christian response to the argument then morality would be a hoax fit only for hypocrites.
Christians do not want to believe morality is independent of God. So their answer is just to cover up the absurdity of the counter-intuitive and downright evil view that religious morality is not about doing real good but about obeying God.
They are saying, "If you don't believe in God then do all the evil you wish!"
If good is good, God does not need to command it. Commanding us to obey would be dictatorial and immoral. What would be necessary is for us to get the tools from God to find out for ourselves what we should do.
Belief in putting God first is gravely vicious and its potential for harmfulness is infinite. Religion needs to make you imagine that good and God are somehow the same person. You will not obey religion if you suspect its rules did not come from God.
Even if God is important for goodness, belief in God is a hindrance. Religion is a hindrance. All religion is man-made for even if there is a God he cannot assert authority over us and take the moral high ground.


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