The Protestant Churches do first communions and confirmations. It is impossible to see how a Catholic could congratulate them when he considers these rites invalid in the Protestant Churches. To congratulate them would be hypocrisy. To think you can congratulate them because it means something to them is hypocritical for given the rule that God comes first they have to want to be congratulated on having received a valid rite that makes them closer to him.
When a Brahmin sacrifices animals to a Hindu God, or when a Catholic priest sacrifices Jesus to God at Mass or when a Mormon goes through the Masonic style Mormon Temple worship or whatever, these people are saying in effect, “I don’t care if this act of mine opposes and makes bother for other faiths or opposes the truth. I am doing it to increase my faith and if my faith is a delusion or wrong I still want to increase it and see others copying my example. I don’t care if my action insults and hampers other faiths or not. It is what I believe that I care about.” From this it is clear that no religion that understands what it is trying to do, would be involved in ecumenism. If it is then it is being hypocritical.
Can a good Hindu go to a Protestant Church? Can a good Protestant attend a Mormon service? Can a Catholic pray at Protestant worship or attend it at all? Not when Jesus commanded that we must love God with all our hearts meaning that religion and faith come first. He said that the commandment to love neighbour was secondary in importance.
A religion can advertise itself well by praying a lot. So the religions cannot pray together. A religion’s good works have more effect on people who might convert than its doctrines so to pray with another religion is taking a step closer to apostasy. Every step taken towards a sin is making that sin more likely and is as bad as actually committing the sin. What could you expect when you are saying, in effect, “If this ultimately leads to sin then so be it.”
It is true what Catholics used to say that attending the ceremony of another Church is in away approving of what goes on. You are giving the message that people should go to see the religion advertising itself and to chance being attracted to it.
People will tend to persist in error if their religion is rated as just as good as other religions or at least passable.
A person might say that it is not a sin to be in an alien congregation for worship when one is sure one will never convert. But one can never be sure. You have surprised yourself many times with the courses of action you have taken.
When you attend another religion’s worship you are becoming a reason for that worship to take place even if it could take place without you and if you don’t take part. If nobody went to it there would be no service. Going is approving of the service and their errors.
Since faith must come first no member of one religion can attend a wedding or even a funeral in another religion.
So people who think they are right in religion cannot participate in another religion’s worship. But if a religion pays with its own erring members it is only making and keeping its rule banning going to the worship of another sect out of bitterness and sectarian pride.
According to Protestantism and Popery we are all sinners except that Protestants claim that all sins deserve Hell or eternal retribution. So, Protestants are accused of being mortal sinners most of the time because they believe themselves to be.
That theology accuses Protestant worship of being blasphemous for mortal sinners cannot sincerely adore God. Catholics aren’t supposed to assist in blasphemy. They are doing that whenever they encourage Protestant worship or keep silent when they should speak out. The fact that the Protestants will be worshipping anyway without you doesn’t make it right to join in. You don’t kill people just because they will have to die someday. For Catholics to invite Protestants to worship is to ask them to mock God. And it is a sin to further mortal sin by not trying to help people out of it.
The Catholic Church cannot be friendly with Protestants and only associate with them to criticise. One cannot be a true friend to a mortal sinner for they have turned away from God and love of others. The love of God and people go together according to the First Epistle of John which says that you cannot love your neighbour who you can see if you don’t love God who you cannot see.
If you really hate the sin and love the sinner, you will never fail to attempt to correct and gently admonish the sinner. Never. You will do it ASAP and especially if you think sin carries sinners to everlasting torment in Hell when they die. You will rarely find a Catholic or Protestant who practices what their religion preaches. They believe in Hell but do not behave in a way consistent with this indicating that the belief is very weak or that they only imagine they believe. Or maybe some want sinners to be placed at an increased risk of Hell.
Pagans like Hindus and Pantheists usually hold that good is sin and sin is good and that all religions are really the same. They agree with Rome and every other religion at the same time because of their anti-truth world-view. They intend to sin mortally all the time like the Protestants do because of this doctrine. Yet Rome treats them in much the same way as she does Protestants though she should not be praying with them or be nice to them either.
Catholicism tells all these groups that God is pleased with them though it contradicts her own teachings. She tells them that God gives them the graces to do good in their daily lives though her dogma is that apart from the grace to pray for repentance and to repent the mortal sinner gets no grace.
Religion often has scriptures that encourage division.  Paul uses the command from Deuteronomy not to try to plough with a donkey and a cow yoked together to illustrate that believers and non-Christians cannot harmonise religiously. Read 2 Corinthians 6:14-15.  Trying to plough that way is rather difficult but not impossible.  But that is not the point.  It's just wrong to try to mix being Christian with any other system of faith.


Apart from scripture, religion is also divisive in principle.


Ecumenism is just a cosmetic. It is not real unity. 


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