Examples of Religion using forced conversion

St Augustine argued that Christ forcibly converted Paul on the road to Damascus. Both bigots were fundamental influences on the Catholic Church. And both are worshipped as saints.
Roman Catholicism teaches that the meaning of baptism is that the baptised are entered into the Roman Catholic Church as members, God's one true Church. Baptism gives the gift of faith. God miraculously infuses faith into the baptised. Roman Catholics force conversion on babies by baptising them in water and they baptise unbelievers who are unconscious at the scene of an accident. This is forced conversion. The Church has to believe that Down's Syndrome victims, the victims of mental illness and the dying should be baptised and forced that way into the Church.
Religions (like most forms of Christianity which baptise babies and consider them to be Christians and members of God’s family from then on) clearly believe in force for children are so easily conditioned that the religious instruction they will get after that will impel them through fear of eternal torment and fear of God and fear of being different to others to pledge loyalty to the Church.
Catholics are routinely forced to go to Mass and pray and learn Church doctrine during their childhood. They are forced to accept confirmation - a rite in which a promise to submit your mind and will to the teaching authority of the bishops takes place. Forced conversion is an accepted Catholic practice. They use forced conversion when they will get away with it.
Religion forces salvation and mercy on sinners. A person who is in sin cannot obtain either yet religion says they have it. They cannot really want it when they do not forsake their sins. One sin defiles all you do.
Religion forces faith on everybody for it has them turning a blind eye to any evidence that is not in line with their faith and makes it a sin to doubt.
When a baby is eaten alive by bacteria and dies a death agonising beyond belief, the Christians still condone it and are callous enough to say God has a reason for letting this happen and making the bacteria and its power to torment the baby. Some Christians feel disgusted with their faith and religion when somebody close to them dies a horrible death. Yet they are not given the option of staying away from prayers for the dead and the funeral. It is forced on them. Nobody minds if they feel they betrayed their loved one by praying and getting involved in religious funeral rites.
The Church says it must believe in freedom of conscience for all people. But she has to put somebody’s conscience first. She hurts her own when she lets members of others faiths proselytise and she hurts theirs when she makes trouble for them to make them halt. She thinks of her own as she must.
Take advantage of the fact that it's a free world and take a stand against all that forcing. It will be a lesson in assertiveness.


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