The Catholic Church has Catholics praying to saints in Heaven for the saints are supposedly closer to God than what they are. The Church denies this is idol worship and claims that the saints are merely being asked to pray with you to God. If that is true they would pray along the lines of, "God I pray to you with St Anthony. May Anthony ask you that I will be more like him in his devotion to you. May God hear my prayers like he does Anthony’s." This keeps the focus on God and on you wishing to honour him by emulating the saint. It honours how God made the saint what he or she is not what he or she is.

If God accepts you as you are as long as you really intend to become as holy as a saint though you fall short, to claim that you pray to a saint because he or she is closer to God than you is to tell a lie and to insult God's mercy.

Christians say we all sin and have a bad side. Your sinful side would like you to go for spiritual help to that which cannot help so that you feel you are doing something about it but are not really threatening it. It is easy to pray for conversion to idols when you love your sin for it cannot work.

If God has not authorised praying to saints or asking them to intercede with him for you then it is idolatry to invoke the saints.

If you do not trust the love of God so that you prefer to get a saint who is the perfect man and woman in your view to ask him for favours for you that is idolatry. All worship of idols is seen as a grave sin in the Bible because it is rooted in the inner ego or one's own lower nature. Feeding that nature only leads to worse idolatry and addiction to religious lies and obstinate refusal to turn to God properly.

The Bible is the actual word of God according to Catholicism and it says, "And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which showed me these things. Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God." Revelation 22:8,9.

The angel though he could hear and see John would not accept worship on the grounds that he was a mere servant of God. This contradicts Catholicism in claiming that it is because the saints are servants of God that they may be invoked. John was too devoted to one God to make a mistake and worship the angel as in worshipping God or a god.

Idolatry is simply worshipping as God what is not God or worshipping something with questionable morals. It is bad because God is thought to be perfect love and you end up adoring and ruining yourself by focusing on what is imperfect and depending on it. In other words, you lower your standards and yourself by worshipping that which has vices and a potential bad side. So to avoid idolatry:

-You decide that a God if he exists is to be just and perfectly loving and no being can even slightly compare to him

-You decide that this God exists and worship him or see him as the being who alone ultimately matters for what he is and for what he does.

Saint veneration distracts from these things.


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