When Jesus was faced by the Jewish leaders who said that he was casting out demons by the power of Satan he told them this was an attack on the Holy Spirit and though all sins can be pardoned this one cannot. 

Mark 3:29-30 speaks of the unpardonable sin so early in the gospel that its significance is undeniable. It is early in the earliest gospel! Gospel means good news. This book calls itself gospel and so that heightens the importance of this statement about the unpardonable sin. The gospeller is trying to warn us by putting that in and in such detail!

And Jesus is starting off so the scribes and Pharisees who say the Devil is working through him are not like critics who see loads of good works for months and years and then demonise them and say he is of the Devil.  Jesus definitely thinks that if you say that that is your future in Heaven lost and nothing can be done.  It is not like the idea that some people are so hardened against God's love over time that their damnation will be certain even if they have decades of life left.

Matthew 12:31-32 includes the eternal sin teaching as well. Matthew could have left it out for it was his choice if he wanted to do that but he did not.

Read Matthew 5: 13-16. Jesus said to his hearers that they were the salt of the earth and that once salt loses its flavour it is no good and cannot be made to have flavour again. It is only fit for throwing out for people to trample on it. Believers say that salt was used to preserve. But he is discussing salt from the taste angle. When he does not say anything about it preserving he has the most common use in mind - salt flavouring foods. Why does Christianity lie about him meaning preservation? Because if only his followers flavour the earth as he said then that means he is saying they are the only good thing on earth. They make the earth worthwhile. That is a highly offensive and divisive statement. He clearly implied that you could become beyond redemption in this life.

Jesus himself blasphemed the Holy Spirit with his evil and vile doctrine. He is in Hell forever if that blasphemy cannot be pardoned.
All that is further confirmation that this unpardonable sin existed. He should know if it did for he committed it.

Christians argue that the sin is of the type that if you commit it you show a deep rebellion of God that you will never reverse it. You will never repent.

Thomas Merton thought that the unforgiveable sin was despair. "Despair is the ultimate development of a pride so great and so stiff-necked that it selects the absolute misery of damnation rather than accept happiness from the hands of God and thereby acknowledge that he is above us and that we are not capable of fulfilling our destiny ourselves". This then is trying to make a Heaven of your own without the Holy Spirit whose infinite wisdom is dismissed like it were nothing. Frs Daniel J Harrington and John Donahue S.J. say this is incorrect for Jesus was talking about abusing the Holy Spirit so it was not blasphemy as in using disrespectful words but real abuse. These priests might be twisting things to avoid the implication that a depressed person or one who dies by suicide is lost forever. But Merton’s idea of despair does not necessarily mean a dreadful and horrible depressive despair. It's just you hardening yourself against trust in the Holy Spirit. Merton and Harrington and Donahue however agree with the gospel which says that the problem was that they denied the good exorcising work of the Holy Spirit was from God.

I would add that as Christians say the most powerful prayer is not exorcism but the Mass where we offer Jesus to God and he gives us his body and blood to cleanse us of evil and make us like himself that if you are a Muslim or Protestant and see it as blasphemy and nonsense then your sin is against the Holy Spirit and it will block you from God forever.  Catholicism has so little faith that it never mentions any of that.

The doctrine of the eternal sin leads to dangerous and frightening sectarianism. Suppose a Christian faction claims to be the true Church. It follows that anybody who believes it and hesitates to join it is committing a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This is the case if it is so that it was not that the Jews insulted Jesus so much as they refused to believe in him and support him but said the Devil was doing his works for him.

Despite the Roman Catholic claim that apostolic tradition and the universal belief of the early Church is as much infallible revelation from God as the Bible the Roman Church does not believe the primitive Christian doctrine that if you sinned after being baptised there was no forgiveness in this world or the world to come. The early Christians had no quality of life thanks to the gospel and their only consolation was the hope of Heaven. The Cathars later believed that there was no forgiveness after baptism which they performed by laying hands. This doctrine led to people committing suicide to avoid sin as soon as the hands were laid. The doctrine of the eternal sin which is so easy to commit and yet so fatal implies that it is best to go somewhere where you will be martyred for your good deeds and your faith so that you are gone from the world before you can be deprived of any chance of Heaven. The Church is accountable for murder simply by preaching the gospels. It serves no purpose to argue that the Church does not mean any harm by promoting books that talk about the eternal sin for that is like telling somebody to kill their neighbour and then saying it was not your responsibility if they go and do it.

A decent God would not have doctrines like the unpardonable sin. He goes down to the sinner’s level and lower by having it. The tradition of such sin and its lengthy prevalence in the post-apostolic Church shows how the early Church must have been in the grip of terror and fear thanks to their “gospel”. The apostles used terror to get power and to be able to dictate to people what God allegedly wanted. Writings that seemed to blaspheme Christianity were destroyed or allowed to fade out of existence lest they would draw people to the unpardonable sin. Jesus whether non-existent or evil could not have hoped for a better propaganda system so that he became a fleshed out saint in the brainwashed eyes of the Roman Empire. The gospellers knew their declarations could not stand on their own for there were too many implausibilities and lies so they put in the veiled threat that anybody that said their hero was empowered by Satan would be guaranteed to be lost forever so that they would become too scared to see or care about the real truth in those superstitious times.
The Church has gone to a lot of trouble to hide the meaning of the eternal sin doctrine. It doesn’t like it. The doctrine led to the Cathar heretics committing suicide in case they would commit the sin. The doctrine is vile and proves that the gospels are nonsense. The Church cannot complain if people take it all literally for there is no hint in the text of any other interpretation. The interpretation is legitimate and should be respected. Yet a priest or bishop who accepts it will be forced to step down. The Catholic professor will be fired from the Catholic university.


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