Ethics and morality are close enough to be used interchangeably.

Ethics is about rules that you hope will help you to be a moral person. A moral person is about being compassionate and respectful and fair. The rules about how to live that out are the next step which is where ethics comes in.

Not all world views care about ethics. Some see ethics as nonsense.

That is saying that it is unethical to say ethics are needed or true. So it is a contradiction.

To say there is no morality is to say it is moral to say there is no morality.

So do all worldviews really care about ethics and morality after all? Yes even scientific worldviews!

People forget that because you cannot avoid adhering to objective morality (even if it is the wrong morality it is still your intention to have a factual one) that this applies to all we do. We may say science is testing and is not morality. But it is morality in the way walking the dog, breathing and everything else is morality. Morality is about tests – a standard is applied to situations and life experience speaks to that standard.


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