The Story of the Eunuch in Acts 8 Refutes Catholic Theology

The apostle Philip met an Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8.
The eunuch was not a member of Judaism because that faith excluded eunuchs.
He was wondering about Isaiah 53 and Philip made him think it was a prediction of Jesus' death to save sinners.
The eunuch came to believe and was baptised.
He was accepted for baptism just for believing that Jesus died for sinners. Baptism pictures making Jesus' death your own for he took your death penalty.
This refutes the Catholic practice of accepting members only after lengthy indoctrination.
Also, Catholicism ignores the doctrine that Jesus died in your place and that you make his death your own in baptism. Thus Catholic baptisms cannot be valid for they ignore the main point.
The eunuch went on his way and was not urged to become part of a Church. Philip indicated that baptism was not for making him a member of the Church community.


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