A Fundamentalist is someone who puts a belief or religion in front of human rights and especially the right to discern truth for yourself.

It may be argued, "There is no such thing as a person who is not a Fundamentalist. Liberal believers in a religion are actually Fundamentalists too. Atheists are Fundamentalists. Religious or not, you are a Fundamentalist. Open-minded or narrow-minded, you are a Fundamentalist. We all distort things because want to and that makes us all Fundamentalist for we stand in the way of our own right and the right of others to be helped reach the truth.
To be an extremist I have to think I am right. We all do that.

The atheist then is a lower level extremist. She makes sure she doesn't join a religion for that will give her more stuff to be narrow about.

Suppose we can’t stop being Fundamentalist. Then we can reduce our Fundamentalism to a minimum. And we do that by being humanistic in our beliefs . We must treat the natural and material world as the only realities.
We can still reduce the damage our Fundamentalism can do.

To be an extremist I have to put what I think or believe before people. We all do that - always! For example, suppose I give a beggar some money. The help the beggar gets is nothing more than a living out of my belief that there is a beggar there and I am not dreaming. It is a living out of my belief that he is really poor. It's a living out of my belief that money can help. But maybe he wants the money to buy a gun to shoot himself with. I put my belief before him.

Putting belief before people means you won't look at the evidence for what is best for them for you prefer to believe ignorantly. The example is not an example of somebody putting belief before a person. If you said to the person that they should commit suicide at 3 pm in honour of Jesus' death then God will let them into Heaven forever, that would be putting belief first.

I am always narrow and closed minded.

Only if I am not thirsty for new ideas and new evidence.

True Fundamentalists think that by some force of magic or occult agency they are infallible. And if you stand by what is right and you know it is right, that does not make you a Fundamentalist! You are merely correct not a Fundamentalist!

My spirit is to force some of my beliefs at least on other people. For example, the law of the land merely reflects the beliefs of the people. And it forces!

The people might not like to be forced but they need to be and they know it.


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