Jesus said that to love God entirely, to give all your love to him, is the greatest commandment. So failure to keep this commandment is the greatest sin. Though you do less harm by stealing a sweet than you do by murdering somebody, the failure to love God when you disobey him is equally bad in both cases. If there is a difference in the sins there is no difference in the sin that accompanies them, the sin of failing to love God. All sin is the rejection of God.

Matthew 12:34 has Jesus telling us that if you have any unrepentance in you any good you do is telling God that you only care about good when it suits you not that it is good.  “How can you being EVIL speak GOOD things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A GOOD man out of the GOOD treasure of the heart bringeth forth GOOD things, and an EVIL man out of the EVIL treasure bringeth forth EVIL things”.

Jesus said we must agapao or love our neighbour as ourselves. Agapao is self-sacrificing love. You cannot have self-sacrificing love for yourself. Jesus then was not approving of our self-love but disapproving of it. He was only saying we love ourselves not that it was right to and that we must love others like that. He said too that if you do all God asks you must still consider yourself to be good for nothing (Luke 17:10). If believing disciples of Jesus could be that bad then think how bad doubters and unbelievers must be! The apostle said that other people must be put first (1 Corinthians 10.24).

Nobody can keep these commandments. Would you agree to suffer extreme torment forever to save souls if God asked you to? No you would not. Would you consent to have your baby die in horrific agony if God told you he needed this to happen for one of his mysterious purposes?

You can't even love your neighbour as yourself so how can you love God more than anything? By resolving to keep the two commandments, you are resolving to destroy yourself and cripple yourself with despair, self-abhorrence and guilt.

You may be weak but God says he never commands the impossible and gives help through prayer so if you are weak it is your own making.

It is a sin to get forgiveness from God before going to the people you have hurt and apologising to them first.

All sin causes scandal and bad example so you have a hell of a lot of apologising to do every day!

It is a sin to be an actor for that asks you to conjure up feelings of anger and lust - a good actor has to feel these things to make the acting seem authentic.

Actors and actresses kissing on television must be a sin if they are married to other people. Kissing is a sexual activity. The Church forbids nudity because the human heart is corrupt and will take unlawful pleasure in it so it can't allow the kissing for the same reason.

The kissing is physically cheating even if there are no feelings and if the spouses have no problem with it. There must however be some feelings when they can kiss each other.

It must be sinful for married couples to kiss in public for being sexual it has to be private.

Looking at television is benefiting from the sin of others as is having a television.

Birth control and natural family planning are sinful for they imply a lack of trust in God as creator of life who will send babies as he sees fit.

If husbands and wives have oral sex and it is right then this contradicts nature and implies that nature doesn't matter and if a man has a happy sexual relationship with his horse he should. So oral sex must be sinful.

If you loved God, you would ask your local pharmacist to remove the condoms from the counter. Worrying about looking stupid or zealous would imply you love yourself more than God.

If you loved God, you would want to pray rather than read the paper, listen to the radio or go to the pub. Those other things would be painful for you.

If you loved God and your neighbour as Jesus asked, your ambition in life would be to give everything up for the poor but as an illustration and demonstration of the gospel.

If we are to love the sinner and hate the sin that means we see an awful lot of sin to hate. A person who doesn't believe in this but hates his enemies would be happier. He hates a few people yes but if we hate all the sin we see we will soon be dead from stress induced ulcers if not suicide! The law of loving sinner and hating sin implies that you must value others and not yourself.

If we may love the sinner and love the sin or hate the sinner and the sin then there is no point in bothering with belief in God or making a big thing of it. To say we must love God with all our power is to imply we must hate sin with all our power. Who can do that?

Christianity teaches that sin deserves to be hated. To say you love the sinner and hate their sin is simply to say that the sin deserves to be punished and hated but the sinner doesn't which makes no sense. The rule is not practical, not helpful, and not honest. If sin deserves to be hated then the person committing it deserves to be hated. It is only people that can deserve things. To say sin deserves to be hated is to urge people to hate the sinner. Criminal law needs to recognise that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are inciting to hatred and violence and deal with them accordingly. Jesus' teaching that we must love enemies and hate their sins means that we are to pretend that when we hate people that it is their sins and not them that we hate and when we find we hate them we are to feel guilty and seek repentance. That teaching is not guidance, it is continual mental and spiritual torment.

As long as your baby is not baptised, you are keeping that baby in a state of estrangement from God assuming the doctrine that babies need forgiveness in baptism is correct.

You must love your baby but hate the sin in the baby so how can you be said to love your baby?

Supporting democracy is a sin unless the people are devoted to doing the will of God and supporting the religion he has revealed. Otherwise it is just supporting ignorance and disobedience.

If the Bible is God's word, it is the most important book on earth. To study Persuasion for the state exams would be immoral. The Bible is the only literature that should be taught in English classes.

God does miracles as signs of his power and that he exists and does them to draw followers to the one true religion. To assume as unbelievers do that miracles don't happen is wrong and closing the heart to God. It is refusing to admit that the evidence speaks. We must not think, "If a man is dead three days and rises again, we must not assume that supernatural or miraculous forces were behind it but should assume that there were unknown natural forces behind it that cannot be explained. If we assume that a strange event is a miracle then we have no right to complain if somebody else assumes something different. We refuse to believe that if an assumption is to be made, the most natural one should be made." But it will be hard not to think that. And to think it is to deny that there is any evidence that God has spoken to any religion.

If you really love God, you will adore his book and other books will be distasteful to you. You honour God by honouring his book.

The doctrine of the Bible implies that you must be born again. This suggests that you should be in the lowest pit of depression and feel and know you are totally useless and then God breathes his grace into you and you turn to him and become a holy child of God. Being born again involves knowing that you can do nothing to please God and he must do it all. Most converts to born again Christianity pay lip service to the idea that all they did was sin. The true born again Christian feels the conviction of the Holy Spirit and understands how all his actions were sins.

Roman Catholicism cannot be considered to be true Christianity for it does not deploy the doctrine that the Holy Spirit must speak to your heart and convict you to yourself of utter sin. On the contrary, it rejects that doctrine entirely and opposes it. Most of Protestantism can't be considered true Christianity either for many have not had the conviction experience which is essential for being really born again and becoming a real Christian. The doctrine is so important that the Roman Church must be considered to be antichrist.

Christianity thrives on being disobeyed but up to a point. This is hardly much of an endorsement of the religion!


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