In religion God is the pure good and the source of all things and of all good so he cannot make evil.  Evil is seen as a good that is faulty and thus it is not a thing that is created. It is a lack of a good that could be there and is not. We see harm as evil but this says harm is just a good that is not good enough and as horrible as it feels, it is not that bad.  All that matters to religion is that God forbids the harm not the harm.

Pain and suffering have overlaps.  But the difference is pain is a warning and happens because you matter to you and because life matters to you.  Suffering makes your existence worthless to you.  It is not about warning.  You might make a warning of it but that is you and not it.  Considering how much influence you have on those close to you this sense of your lack of value is going to spread to them.  That is one big reason why saying "God allows suffering out of love for helping us to be better and to grow" is an insult.

So far we have managed to expose the lie, "Suffering is a warning and can lead to a great good."  It does nothing.  And there is more.

Suffering is the experience that there is no suffering that matters but yours. It feels like you are the universe and you are suffering. It claims to be momentously huge.  It claims to be even worse than it seems and comes armed with more terrors and threats.  It claims your existence is now invalidated.  A person who suffers enough will not help others.  The helpers may grow but that is their response.  The sufferer has nothing to do with it.

Suffering is clearly saying the ultimate be it God or the universe is lying to you.  Listen to it for it is the strongest voice you will ever hear.

Religion says that if you look at the universe, now matter how catastrophic your suffering appears to you and to others it is nothing.  Billions suffer.  This blames the sufferer.  It is saying that suffering is a lying experience.  It is like you are your universe and it is attacking you.  Religion will definitely think that God does not send suffering to lie to you so it must be your own fault. The sense of being lied to by suffering and in it will push you to despair and deepen any despair you have.

The argument that suffering shows God is with you infantalises the sufferer and dismisses their experience.  Religion is using suffering to promote God.  Suffering serves religion's purpose, not a God's.


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