Analyse, “Without evil excessive unnecessary evil would not be possible.”

Religion tends to argue that evil though deplorable fits a loving God as long as God remains the one in control. Critics point to excessive unnecessary evil as a possible disproof of God for some evil really is useless. It may be seen as sufficient evidence if not proof that there is no loving God.  The dispute about is whether it really is unnecessary for God sees more than we do. So at best there is no way to tell one way or the other.

What good is there in a good person who nobody knows about who dies in a forest fire and who will never be known or found? There are real world events that seem to be excessive and useless evil. The hypothetical is important too. What if a baby was born whose suffering was terrible and totally useless and therefore wanton? The hypothetical goes with respect for people. You have to say that we must be prepared for useless evil and to be aware that it happens even if we don’t know or can’t know. It is not your right to say that no baby will suffer in vain.

So now we have found a way to tell one way or the other about excessive necessary evil. We have to take it for granted that it happens. We have an inherent human right to.  So now we know we have no right to assume that God is taking care of people in the midst of every evil. Now we know that the evil indicates – or maybe proves – there is no God. Even it is not proof we have to act as if it is for it is so serious. While it would be great to disprove God because of evil, the fact remains that it is our duty to take evil so seriously that we can treat it as a disproof even if it is not.

Talking about evil and excessive evil is dubious for it comes across as, evil that is a blessing in disguise and evil that is not.  Evil that is turned into a blessing in disguise is still a blessing in disguise.  It will be hard to see it as real evil.

Evil and excessive evil could be just splitting hairs.  Or there could be no important difference between them even if there is.  The could be is enough to make such differentiation disgraceful.  You don't play with evil like that for there is a human cost.


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