Religion says that "all comes from God and God is love so nothing is purely evil. Evil is just an abused good. An abuse is not a thing like a power. It is taking good and using it the wrong way."


Religion dismisses the atheistic Darwinist view that with nature – nature is just what it is and there are no shoulds, moral shoulds or whatever, about it. There is no normal and the notion that there is just a myth we use in order to live with other people. So religion supposes that we are meant to be at our best. Evil is falling short of that.

Religion says that evil then is effectively good in the wrong place and time. For example, the courage to commit a murder is wasted for it could be used to help people instead.

But evil falling short of what is best is not necessarily JUST a lack or misdirected. It would still be true if evil were a power.


Does it make any difference to morality, that is to justice and love, if evil is a flaw or as real as burnt porridge? Those who say that evil is an abuse of good say it is still real but not in the way a brick is. The good lacks the right use and reaching its full potential. It is “real” rather than real.

To be just means to oppose injustice and to be unjust means to oppose justice.

To be loving means to oppose what is not love and vice versa.

The good person will oppose injustice and unloving acts and attitudes equally whether they are manifestations of a power or something that is a mere lack. It will not matter. Thus religion has no real goodness for saying it does matter.

If evil is not a power that does not mean it cannot act as if it is a power. Evil seems to have a mind of its own. There will be a price.

In the religious view, God designs all things and how we think. Sin is parasitic on that design and misdirects it. It takes design to do that so sin must have a mind of its own! There is more going on than what we try to do. Who is doing this anti-designing which is a design in its own right? If sin is a thing and is doing it then God is making it do it. He is the same as a sinner himself. Or sin is some kind of god and rival to God.

The notion of sin having a mind of its own in some way is in fact music to the ears of those who have decided to be evil.

If God is evil then it follows evil is a power.  Evil is God.

Not all who see evil as a power mean it in that sense.  No matter what kind of power it is then if evil is a power there will be a price if you let it in or conspire with it.

It does not really matter then what you think evil is, if you think it is real and acts real or is a mixture of both.

So anyway there is a price. This is not your fault. The price is that it will rebound on you and attack you. As a power or something that acts like a power, it has to have effects.

The cup that should have water but does not is empty. The empty is not a power that can attack you. But the empty, if you pretend for the sake of argument that it is a power, can. See the difference?

If evil is a power or able to act like a power then it may destroy the good and evil alike. Any survivor is just in a lottery.

Or you may decide that one thing is for sure.  If you are good you are guaranteeing a bad reaction.  Or the worst reaction.  Evil as something that is a power or even just crafty is going to do more harm to the good than the bad for it needs the bad.

If evil is a power that does not mean evil that is a mere lack cannot be a separate form.
You cannot tell one from the other. In practical terms you may as well assume that everybody doing evil is in league with the power. You have to for the power is more dangerous than an absence of good as dangerous as the latter is.

Thus we end up vengeful.


One thing that is supposed to show why evil is pure useless evil is that unconditional love is such a great good. The contrast and contradiction between the two is total. But unconditional love for a person which is engaged in to please God or because God says so is not unconditional love. God belief by default is pure evil.

The good versus evil brigade are hypocrites and they worship a God who is as bad as themselves because he is their reflection and they think they are his. If you need God for morality, you won't have him for that for morality itself is full of grey and is not just good and evil. The good has a sting.

Unconditional love means that evil matters for you want to protect your loved one.

Does evil matter more or less if -

*It is a hole that should have something in it?
*It is a power?

Clearly a power is going to be worse than a mere lack. Evil can be a lack of good and be a power but not in the way the first option suggests. So evil matters more if it is real.

Evil is claimed to matter hugely and infinitely in Christianity so that matters more than what evil is.  So if it is evil to call evil real as the Church says the Church is effectively calling itself and its God evil!

The whole mess and lies around evil mean the believers have to be damaged by it. The toxic poison has to be there.

When you believe in God and warn against evil you are both encouraging it as being clever and also discouraging it at the same time!  Encouraging it does not get you off the hook.  If it is balanced against discouraging it is still encouragment.


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