Most people find the Bible unclear and unhelpful and irrelevant. It is a world best seller and yet it is the most unread book in the world.

Yet we are asked to believe that it is the Word of God. Catholics teach that God is the ultimate author of the Bible. No other book is the word of God. There have been books that have been more helpful to people than the Bible. To declare the Bible to be the word of God is to say that if all books should disappear it should stay. So all the medical and scientific papers should vanish before the Bible does. The doctrine implies that fundamentalism is correct to put the word of God before all other books.

The Church says the Bible is the word of God and also of man. Though God did not control the writers like typewriters it contains only what he wanted these men to write.

Kung wrote that there is not a single line of the Bible that says it is without error (page 467, On Being a Christian). But it claims that God is its ultimate author and states that God does not lie. So it does say it in other ways.

The God of the Bible commands that blasphemy laws be put in force. He was no fan of secularism and we know secularism is a correct viewpoint.

1 Corinthians 4:6 has Paul warning the Christians in the early days to not go beyond what is written in scripture so that they might avoid pride. For the Church then, the only scripture was the Old Testament. They worshipped what was worse than Mein Kampf as the word of God!

When the people of Israel were journeying through the desert for forty years, God dictated several laws to Moses his prophet.

These laws have God commanding things such as that if two men are caught having sex they must be stoned to death. Sabbath breakers were stoned to death. Priests daughters who had illicit sex were burned to death.

These laws are in the first five books of the Bible. Jesus said that he did not come to do away with the law but to make it better and to fulfil it (Matthew 5). Thus he sanctioned whatever he commanded. Christians however live and act as if these laws are not binding today.

The Christians say that as God was head of the state of Israel, the laws only apply when God takes over as political ruler. They say he takes no such role today so the laws can be shelved.

The Bible never says that God was the head of state of Israel.

The Bible never says that the laws about killing should not be implemented today.

Jesus’ statements are far harsher than anything in the Torah. The God of the Torah had people stoned to death but Jesus’ God has a Hell to put sinners in so that they suffer for all eternity.

Indeed the New Testament makes a big thing of Abraham and his example. He felt that God was asking him to slaughter his only son Isaac as a sacrifice and was praised by God for being willing to do this. God even gave him a reward!

The idea that you should tell your child to choose being shot by anti-religious militants rather than saying something offensive about Jesus is simply true Christianity.

Suppose you join a Nazi party that never mentions its policy that Jews must be liquidated. The fact remains that if you join this party you are supporting this policy. A policy does not have to be mentioned or made known to members to be a policy. This is the situation with Christianity. Its Bible certainly has a God who commanded liquidation of certain sinners and godless nations. And there is no evidence that these commands have been done away. Suppose they have been done away. It remains true that if today’s Christians could go back in time to when God wanted people murdered in the name of religion that they have to approve of it and sanction it and participate. Those teachings still corrupt people today. Fundamentalist Christians developed the capability to go out and blow up innocent people in Northern Ireland.

In the light of Christian teachings that the Church is made up of people disobedient to God and that each one has to read the Bible and interpret it for himself, it is clear that Bible readers are expected to consider the possibility that God might still want us to execute homosexuals or adulterous people by stoning them to death. That alone is sufficient to regard Christianity as dangerous and corrupting.

It is horrific how saying the Bible is the word of God is also to say that if killing gay people and adulterers people and heretics is the will of God, it should be done. Christians simply have to approve of the commands of the Bible God which call for such action. They might say the commands have been done away but they still agree that they should be obeyed if reinstated . The commands are not done away because murdering those “sinners” is bad but merely because new rules have been made. To become a Christian is to become a murderer in one’s heart. The Bible says that he who hates his brother is a murderer in his heart (1 John 3:15). How much more are you a murderer if your faith refuses to reject the authority of a book that calls for murder in the name of God and you embrace that faith?

The Bible is a pile of contradictions. The book spends more time making threats and warning about God being angry and sending things like plagues and hellfire and damning people forever than about teaching love. When it does teach love, it merely commands it and offers no help in developing it. If Catholic parents raise a child as a Catholic and that child reads the Bible and starts hating sinners and wanting to kill heretics they must take some responsibility for it.

That the Bible has so much devotion in the world is disturbing! The part of the brain that is repelled by evil books is turned off in the Christian but only when it comes to the Bible.


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