All hold that a evil twists good.  A lie is the biggest and best way to distort good so it must be the biggest sin to lie. A lie being big or small does not matter. The principle is big and that is what matters. Evil always then involves a lie about good.

What is evil? For Augustine, evil is the lie that evil is real. So malice and hate and harm are nothing compared to the lie part. Lying then must be the worst sin.

Implications are:

God enables the lie to happen for he does not expose it there and then.

Lies can be actions not just verbal.  That means most lies are acted.

A lie however small or how much evil it averts or prevents is a serious intolerable evil.  Even telling the truth when millions die because of it, is better than a lie that prevents those deaths.

Love the sinner hate the sin really should be, “Don’t worry about the harm done as much as the lying. Love the liar and hate the lies.” Such a view shows you do not really love the sinner at all and are judging harshly about the lying.

If evil is a kind of nothing, then we can ask if God is an evil creator. Physics shows that reality is almost nothing. And then you have religion telling you that you have a soul and a soul is a something that is a nothing. Or the soul is a non-material but real entity. It is undeniable that theology should ask if spirit is what physics is on about? It is undeniable that physics should ask if the “nothing-near-something” it finds is God or something like God or a spirit. It is a simple lie that religion and physics work in separate areas so that physics cannot refute God for the concept has nothing to do with physics.

Evil by definition is a communication and a truth. Evil says: I am that which must not be tolerated ever for a purpose.  Thus evil testifies against the existence of God.  A God of love cannot tolerate evil. Evil is bigger than God in some way when he has to tolerate the intolerable.  If evil testifies against God then it is telling the truth then.  If it is not is that why it is so bad for telling such a lie?  God after all is that which alone matters.

To say God uses evil is to say he has a role for it and a plan and this calls God a liar. And that would be the ultimate malicious lie in the same way as saying that if we stood in Herod’s shoes we would see why he was right to have his family murdered. It’s just trying to see good and feel good about others and victimising them over again.

M Scott Peck of People of the Lie fame saw evil as the lie and noticed it had power to trigger evil in the person who merely sees it.  If evil is a lie then like all lies, it is able to plant something in you.  Something gets in.  It can use this to get you to hate the sinner for you are hating an evil in them that you are blind to in yourself.  In fact believing or knowing this in itself can by itself have a self-programming effect that leads to hate.


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