Catholic scripture only permits a man with a woman for life in marriage.  If it says nothing about gays, that does not change.  But it also condemns gays as man with man deserving of death.  It makes no provision for gay love.  Catholic tradition does the same thing.

 Yet we hear some gay people spouting internalised homophobic rubbish like this, 

"The two (being a gay person and Catholic) are not mutually exclusive, no matter how upset I sometimes am over statements by the Pope."
Liar. Church teaching and Church law and the revelations the Church recognises as having come from God state that it is unChristian to practice homosexuality.

You  would see articles more or less saying that but there is one big give away.   Not once will they stress or express any devotion to God or indicate that they are devoted to others as children of God.  They walk past the Church soup kitchens.  God by definition is that what comes first and what is owed complete obedience and we are expected to try and understand his rules and keep them even if we can't. Ignorance will not exempt you from any law including that of the Church and God.
Church teaching is clear that sex is giving the whole self to another in an attitude of total self-sacrifice for the wellbeing of another. It says that is the language of sex and the person who has sex without love and without marriage is lying with his or her body.
The person who agrees with sex outside marriage and gay sex and encourages it by saying the above would be a liar in the sight of the Church on the level of a Bill Clinton.
They are not mutually exclusive if you admit you are a sinner in being a practicing gay. And as for your being upset, I don't believe that when you support a regime that tells the world that the Pope stands in the place of Jesus on earth and to hear the Pope is to hear Jesus. If you are really upset, you can't ask for sympathy. It's self-inflicted. Would you be upset about the British Prime Minister being homophobic - no for you are outside his authority. Put yourself outside the authority of the Pope.
The Vatican does not use the word gay. It uses the word homosexual. It says a homosexual person can be a good and real Catholic only if he or she believes in the teaching of the Church against homosexual activity and against LGBT activism and refrains from any erotic activity and thoughts regarding a person of the same sex.

The founder of a religion may have a definition of religion and what it is for. Even if the whole religion ends up with a different purpose from his that is still not what it is for. Only the founder can determine what the religion is and what it is for. You may have a purpose for his religion but it remains yours not the religion's.   A religion with a bad purpose is bad.  A bad religion is bad no matter how many good people are in it.  It is the purpose makes it bad.  The members degrade themselves if they refuse to do the bad things for they make themselves hypocrites.  And goodness is defiled when you let yourself be part of a bad religion.   To defile goodness is actually worse than to just be bad.

Jesus Christ if he is the founder of Christianity and wanted to be its God, he knew what was in the Bible.  He knew in his gut that human nature may not like violence but it sanctions leanings towards harming others.  He knew that one way to to channel that is by sanctifying and distributing violent scriptures that claim to be based on directives from God.



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