The Roman Catholic Church practices the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. This sacrament supposedly gives supernatural preparation for death and above all forgiveness of sins so that the recipient can go to Heaven forever. It has to be done by a priest. This evil rite has brought much terror. People have found themselves dying after a car crash and alone with no priest in sight and this has caused horrific trauma and even death at the thought that they are not ready for God for the priest cannot be had. And they have the pains of eternal torment in Hell – dying people will naturally feel terrified. They will think and fear the worst and there is no priest to save them from Hell. The rite discriminates against sinners for those who are about to be executed cannot validly receive it. So God is more worried about the sick than converting sinners by the power of a sacrament. This is the God who pities sinners most for sin is the worst evil. Again this is a mystery, the excuse with which the Church papers over all its implausible tenets.
The Bible, which claims it is authored by God, warns that though all sinners must be prayed for there is a kind of sinner who must never be prayed for. 1 John speaks of this sort of sinner. It is believed that the Bible speaks of the sin of those who refuse to repent of their sins on their deathbed. Since the Bible teaches that all sin can be pardoned, this sin can be the only candidate. Once such are dead, it is fruitless to pray for them for they will never repent and they will be damned forever. The Bible proves that the Church is merely pretending it can forgive people who have been dead for hours. 1 John implies that people who die when drunk, people who commit suicide and so on are damned. The Church knows that unless it ignores the text it will be held accountable for destroying half of the population with grief and despair about their loved ones being lost.


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