If a religion like Mormonism has factions in it, the factions may imitate each other but that does not change the fact that in essentials they are the same religion. Sects are not necessarily religions but can be factions sometimes bitter ones within the same religion.
For this reason, Protestants cannot be smug about the terrible things the Roman Catholic Church did. The Inquisition was still implemented by Christianity and both Protestants and Catholics identify with Christianity. It is the Protestant's mess not just the Catholics for both claim to be in the Christian religion. And where were the Protestants when the Inquisition was going on? They were in the Catholic Church.
Catholics have to see what their Protestant enemies did to them as a reflection on Christianity and themselves.
Catholics and Protestants who blame the bad things on each other are a disgrace. It is about inflaming sectarian tensions in the name of concern for the innocent who died. It takes two sides to have a war but for one sect to deny responsibility for what other horrible members of the religion are like is a whole new issue. It shows they don't care about what it says about them and want to lay all the blame on the others. Denial of your role in evil prolongs and empowers the evil.
The us versus them lies are so rife in Catholicism and Protestantism that one should defect from them and let them wither away.
So we conclude that Protestantism's mess and Catholicism's mess is in the one chamber pot.

Elements of Conspiratorial Liability

From Wikipedia
-Two or more persons come to a mutual understanding to try to accomplish a common and unlawful plan
-The defendant wilfully becomes a member of the conspiracy
-During the conspiracy at least one of the conspirators commit an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy
-The overt act is knowingly committed in an effort to further the purpose of the conspiracy
What we are about to learn applies to any religion. We will just talk about Catholicism but you could easily substitute Mormonism or Hinduism or whatever.
Others commit an evil or a crime. You are there. You know. You have the ability to say something about it to them. You have the ability to indicate your disapproval to them. You have the power to force them to stop. You can contact the authorities. You don't bother. You have wilfully and effectively allowed them to do what they did. You are not an innocent bystander. You are a de facto accessory to the crime.


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