Discussion on Progressive Secular Humanist, Watch: Mother Teresa Brags About Coerced Deathbed Conversions

Mother Teresa was the biggest example of somebody who does "good" not good. The problem is how the Church enables her message and makes her a saint. Pope Francis and his cronies are passive aggressive in how they ignore the truth. A religion needs to be condemned more for the evil it opens the door to than what it does or has done.

A comment says, "If dealing with the suffering brings one closer to God or spurs one on to relieve the suffering of others, that is a good thing." You don't need to believe in God to use your suffering to motivate you to reach out and help other sufferers. In fact seeing suffering as random and a fact of life should make you hate it more than one who thinks its part of God's alleged plot to bring good out of it.  To say you do need to believe is just insulting. And how could suffering be good if it makes you close to a God who makes you suffer?  Believers in God in some way do wallow in suffering and water down how terrible i t is for others. They cannot admit that a God who hurts people or WORSE who lets them be hurt (letting hurt happen is worse than hurting for at least when you hurt you know how much hurt you expect to happen) is unworthy of worship.

I have realised from a comment above that she had no right to take that Nobel Prize. She was not a true humanitarian. She could not even be trusted with money for she put faith before people and used suffering to invite people to her understanding of faith. Inviting people to a vague sense of faith is one thing but a specific faith is a different matter.


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