A consistent Christian cannot complain about homophobic or florid anti-atheist language. Jesus used abusive language in Matthew 23. Curiously, it was not a sin for Jesus to speak abuse to the Jewish leaders who he said were going to Hell. The usual excuse was that Jesus was so overcome with love for them that he lost his temper and had to be very blunt for their sakes and to make them wake up. There is no hint of love in the passage and besides Jesus said to them they cannot escape their fate in Hell.
The argument that we should tolerate the Church instead of leaving it if we know or think it is wrong is not truly concerned for tolerance. Rather it wants to deprive people of the one religion that is known for not changing doctrine to suit the times. It wants the Catholic Church to become another form of Protestantism with all its disunity and confusion.

"No one should have to give up their faith in order to hold on to being gay." That is a denial that religion has the right to exclude people if it so chooses and has the right to have standards even if some of the standards seem unfair. And the reality is that some standards will be unfair so all you can do is just obey them but work for change without dissent or rebellion. It all depends on how serious or not the harm done by the standards is. If I find out there is no God, I have no right to expect the Church to change to suit me. I walk. Rather than supporting religion and faith your attitude advocates hypocrisy and self-deceit and superstition - its superstitious to say "God revealed this religion but I don't believe that bit and I like this bit so I will believe it." I agree with the pope that if you don't like the rules then find another religion or another Church that suits you or go you own way but don't pretend you are a true support of the Catholic faith. If the pope is wrong then where do we draw the line? He is only uttering commonsense.
You know that the Church makes exclusive truth claims. You want it to change. You want it to drop its exclusive truth claim that homosexuality is wrong and you want it to do it for you. You are making an exclusive truth claim that the Church should change its exclusive truth claims. You are not making sense and therefore you are not a true supporter of atheists or homosexuality as long as you profess Catholicism. Period.
Religion is not a gathering of individuals. It is not a social club for individuals. In fact, you have to give up your liberties to be part of the religion. But you may say that say Mormons and Catholics for example have a lot of freedom to do what they want. Yes but they are doing these things primarily because they are permitted so they are still not free. The only freedom the religious person has is the freedom to obey.
Sin is defined by God's alleged revelation to the Church as breaking the law of God. Therefore sin and being a harmful person are not necessarily the same thing. if you break the law by being only slightly over the drink driving limit and are caught you will be punished. Thus even if homosexuality or atheism were recognised by the Church as good it would still have to forbid it as the Church claims no authority to change what has been handed down from the apostles and that includes the belief that homosexuality or atheism is a sin.
The word for sin in the New Testament is hamartia. This word comes from archery and describes missing the mark. Sin then means missing the point of your human existence and what God wants from you. Thus if you believe one can be a good person and gay that belief is no good. The doctrine that sin is missing the mark says you are fooling yourself. It says people will believe that things such as homosexuality and atheism are good and the fact that they believe these things is IRRELEVANT! The Christian God condemns sexual relations between members of the same sex and says atheism is idolatry. Your belief cannot change that fact. The Church would say all sinners justify their sins to themselves. Don't play into the Church's hands by arguing that you believe gay sex or atheism can be holy.
Don't try to give the impression that separating from the Church is negative when you know fine well that the Church puts a huge amount of time and effort and money into stopping gay marriage any LGBT rights. It certainly thinks that if making homosexuality illegal again is the best way for the state to innoculate itself against gay marriage it should. Don't let anyone say that Catholics dumping the Church when they become atheist is negative and ruining atheist rights. Saying that is just stupid.


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