Prophecy is a sign that a message given to you by man is really from God when it predicts the future correctly and when guessing cannot explain it. A Bible with prophecies anybody could make is not from God but from man only.




Jeremiah (50, 51) said that God told him that the Medes would leave Babylon a terrible hellish ruin. When the Medes did come led by Cyrus the city was left relatively unharmed. Isaiah 13 agreed with Jeremiah which was worse. So we have a false prophecy here.


There is no room for saying that they were real prophets but mixed the prophecy with poetic style imagery for drama. That is a way of getting around the errors. The idea of God giving you a revelation and you casting it in the form of poetry and dramatic imaginary imagery does not ring true. Remember how difficult it was to get prophecy communicated in those days and how hard it was to write. Scribes took ages. The prophets meant what they wrote, period. The poetry interpretation leads believer to cherry-pick prophecy. The bits they don't like or which are considered false are regarded as being imagery not errors while the bits that are correct are prophecy. That does not work for it is clearly reading things that happened after the prophecy back into it and both the imagery bits and bits that came true cannot be told apart if you try to rewind to when they were written down.


Jesus made out that Jeremiah and Isaiah were true prophets which means he was a false prophet himself.


The Christian Robert Newman wrote a book called In Defense of Miracles. He correctly says that the prophecy has to predict very clearly. The prophecy must have been provably made before the event. The event must happen as predicted. The event must not have been rigged but must be something that only God could have allowed to happen. The prediction must be better than a good guess.

Newman then says that Hosea 3:4-5 predicts that Israel will be without a king or a prince or sacrifices or idols for many days. He argues that this has been the way with Israel for hundreds of years. But that was something that had to happen to Israel sometime and indeed kings and sacrifices had stopped a number of times for that nation.

Newman takes a prophecy from Zephaniah about the destruction of Nineveh as a real prophecy that was fulfilled even though this prophet wrote closely enough to the event to have written it afterwards.

Newman told several lies to make it seem that Ezekiel foretold things that came to pass. For example, he said the prophecies about Memphis and Thebes were clear though they were not and contradicts himself on whether or not there were idols left behind in Memphis while trying to make it appear that Ezekiel’s prediction that Memphis would have no idols left in it came true. It is like when he presents Jeremiah 51:26 as a marvellous prediction that no stone will be taken from Babylon though there was no stone there to quarry and Jeremiah knew that. Newman’s research is so bad that he never gives references for his historical statements at all.
This examination of Newman is a synopsis of the main points of Richard Carrier’s When is Prophecy Miraculous?

Bible prophecy fails to provide evidence for the supernatural production of the Bible by supernatural means. What it provides evidence for is that Christians trying to get us to believe in the Bible are operating a scam.
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