While the Church holds that God is not confined to the sacraments in order to help us find him and be cleansed of sin, it holds that the sacraments as good as guarantee that spiritual help will be given.  Sacraments are seen as essentials.  The sacrament of the sick seems to be the most important one if somebody is in danger of death.

The doctrine of the sacrament commands priests to risk their lives to give the sacrament say in war conditions. There have been cases where priests and those they were anointing died because getting the sacrament was prioritised over maybe making them safer or getting a doctor to them. And this fanaticism has been celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church.
An unnecessary sacrament that priests are asked to take such chances for is surely diabolical. The sacrament is evil. It is pro-unjust discrimination because those who were on the planes that were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Centre could not avail of the sacrament even if there had been enough priests around to administer it and only those who are dying of illness or old age can receive it validly. How low could one get to discriminate against the dying? The sacrament is supposed to heal the soul of sin and prepare one for death and no matter how much they want it they cannot have it and they are dying and the Church callously slaps them across the face. They are kicked when they are down. The Church cannot change this teaching for tradition says it is only for the sick who are in real danger of death and the Church puts dogma before decency.
The teaching that needing and being ready for the sacrament is no good for receiving the sacrament if there is no oil to do the anointing is an outrage.
The fanaticism of the Roman Catholic Church is plain to be seen. Is that what you want your children to grow up in? Do you want your children to esteem priests who make people desire and pray for the sacrament of the sick to be administered to them if they have the misfortune to be victims of a fatal hit and run when such a teaching will cause untold distress to the dying person in such a situation?

What happens if a loved one needs the sacrament and dies without it? If the concerned person has prayed for her or him, the Church might claim that there is nothing to worry about for God would have heard the prayers. But that is not a consolation for prayers cannot help a person unless the person lets them. Catholics delude themselves that somehow even the worst person becomes a saint to be and accepts God in the last few seconds of their life. That is pure Protestant predestination. What is the point of religion if that delusion is in fact true? It contradicts the major Catholic doctrine of free will. It is giving false hope and false consolation and is an insult to the suffering person and the dead person. The fact remains that the sacrament of the sick must be important for salvation and can't be if nearly everybody goes to Heaven. The sacrament calls for worry - period.
Catholic Canon Law permits Catholic priests to administer the sacraments of Eucharist, Penance and Anointing of the Sick to an Anglican only when he or she is in danger of death or some other grave and pressing need, and provided the Anglican in question cannot approach an Anglican priest, spontaneously asks for the sacrament, demonstrates the faith of the Catholic Church in respect of the sacrament and is properly disposed (Canon 844). The priest who puts doctrines before a person's faith and before their peace of mind on their deathbed is a piece of shit. Also, if somebody has had a massive heart attack the sight of a priest will certainly shock her or him and finish her or him off.
The anointing of the sick makes a fool out of the Lord. It originated with a brainwave. Priests who saw in it a marvellously effective way to get people to submit to them invented it. Many are so alarmed at the thought of dying without the sacrament that they attend Church faithfully and pay the priest every week.
Some worry if a loved one died without a priest anointing her or him and giving the last rites. If they prayed for the person, the Church tells them not to worry for the prayers helped the person. That is a cop-out and contradicts the Church's own teaching that getting the sacrament is very important and that prayers cannot help a person who resists God.
If anybody finds you, they will or should be more worried about getting a priest or ringing a priest than a doctor. For example, if their cellphone credit is running out they should expend their last phone call on a priest.
The Church belittles death with its doctrines of the afterlife and how to prepare. The doctrine that the people should die forgiving everybody and loving everybody is total nonsense and places an extra burden on the dying. On your deathbed virtue is not important – only avoiding the alienation of those who are looking after you is important but the Church goes a lot further. Do not belittle yourself to make peace with their God – to belittle yourself for their invention is the same thing as belittling yourself for them. On your deathbed indulging yourself is what matters and that is in enjoying hateful thoughts towards your enemies then so be it.
Catholics believe that the sacrament of the anointing of the sick forgives sins if you cannot confess sins and there is no time to. The chances of going to Heaven are heightened. To many who are in serious sin it will mean the only hope of eternal salvation. So when you find yourself dying because of a car crash you will be more concerned about getting a priest to anoint you than about dying. You cannot be more concerned about dying because there is no time to think about that. Your salvation is more important now. Your horror at there being no priest will be tremendous. You will not die in peace. The cult of Roman Catholicism uses dogma to abuse and terrorise the dying and a religion like that deserves no members. It is a doctrine that Jesus supposedly revealed which means he should have no followers if he did. Nothing good done by a religion can justify that religion’s existence when it teaches dogmas like that for a cult that abuses children and the dying can do nothing that makes even partial amends for that. The Church plays on the fear of death which is the reason it has any members at all. It admits as much as when it says that is the spiritual state you are in at death that really matters not the life you live. The Atheist removes the fear of death and has no need to join a cult.
The sacrament shows the true colours of the Catholic Church.


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