The selfless person is held up as an ideal.  Against that person you have the egoist who helps others for some psychological reward.  And the egotist who hurts the person for their own gain.

People hold up this selfless martyr to virtue signal.  "Oh we have enough good in us to admire the selfless and maybe aspire to be like them".  It is a good distraction from how unlike the hero they may be.

If a person will not help another unless she thinks there is something in it for her then people say that is bad. Why? Because the other person matters. Also because one person’s interests will always be threatened and blocked by another so the egoist will start to try to get rid of others who are in the way. And the egoists are as good as inviting people to hurt them in self-defence.

If x helps y for y will leave them billions of pounds then x is in a way making the money matter not y. If we are talking about something small such as an ornament then the ornament matters not y. Oddly enough the person after the small thing is worse than the person after billions for that though not excusable is understandable. It is worse to be weighed up against a trinket than billions of pounds.  Everybody must think there is some tiny thing they can get out of helping another.  That is certain.  All selfless people are just grounds for suspicion.  Are they what they want to seem to be?

We are told that many egoistic or egotistic people are unhappy while unselfish people are happy. If this is said to put you off being egoistic. People are telling you to not be egoistic but to be egoistic as in calculating how much happiness you might get! It makes no sense. Their own argument shows they are selfish themselves for they are telling you to be. They are selfish in the way encouraging another to be bad is. It is not them that has to suffer if you listen to them. They virtue signal by faking real loyalty to unselfish principles.

The argument that we are made egoists cannot be verified or shown false. If God makes egoists then God is amoral or beyond morality or he is evil himself. With that principle alone, you can only expect agnosticism. There are other arguments for and against agnosticism but if all we have is this thought, then agnosticism is all we should espouse and endorse.

Those who say a loving God probably exists are just more proof that it is far fetched to think society on the whole can be or is selfless.  They would say that to deflect from the truth about how self-centred they are.


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