FEAR/LOVE and how fear drives religion


Love is a will for the wellbeing of others and yourself.  Love the sinner and hate the sin is just a paraphrase for being passive aggressive because love does not and cannot work for the wellbeing of each individual.  Being good involves suffering and sacrifice.  It is the overall good that is aimed for because you cannot really fix everybody's problems.  So love is not really about the wellbeing of the individual person.  If you help the individual that is only because it is about the community or wider society.  The good for the individual is a side effect and a means to an end.  So if it is not about me as a person how could it be about me as a sinner a person who has earned punishment and disapproval?


People claim they do not fear those who slander them or threaten them because the haters are merely fearful.  That makes no sense and they cannot be serious!!  The fear in the dog attacking is the last thing that will matter or concern you.  The smarmy lies show that the people are passive aggressive and implying they are too morally superior to take being hated seriously.  They want you to think they are so good that they know nothing about hating anybody.  They want you to think that they are so non-judgmental that they look at the fear and not the immorality of hatred.  In the name of looking good they condone hatred by looking at the fear not it.  In the name of looking good they condone hatred against others for the person who hates you will hate somebody else tomorrow.
There are only two emotions. One is love. The other is fear. Even fear itself is love but a form of misplaced or misguided love. Fear is about dreading some bad thing happening - it is about concern for wellbeing.

There are four ways to be afraid, anxiety, failure, insecurity and fear of rejection.

Do not be afraid of fear. You can undo its power. Know this and you will be free.

Nobody can hurt you if you love yourself. Imagine you are offended when somebody says something to you that is intended to give grave offence to you. You feel the pain it because you don’t love yourself. If you love yourself, their words will have no effect. The enemy will have been defeated. Loving yourself is a prescription for peace and love and harmony. It delivers you from fear. When you say you fear somebody’s insults, it is not their insults that you fear, it is how you will react. You will let yourself be hurt. But you let this happen so it is really yourself that you fear.

We are afraid of being successful in life. We end up being afraid of trying or trying hard. We are afraid to have the high flyer job and the perfect family in case we lose them. We also fear that we will cease to appreciate them and so we will not enjoy them much or maybe hate them.

You must try to think and feel that if you fail, then things can only get better. Nothing can stay at rock-bottom forever. And failure does not exist. What is called failure is an opportunity for change. Being conscious of that takes away the fear.

Tell yourself, "My fear is a power and an energy. Power can be changed into different forms. I change my fear into love. It is not fear any more. It is like I can turn my candle into a light that transforms the darkness. My faith has made me well. It has healed my fear and transformed it. I am safe from fear. I will not fear it again."


Christians say that fear is an element and an ingredient of sin.


Laziness is partly about the fear of failure and disgrace.  It could be the fear of making life harder for yourself if say you pursue a particular career.


Narcissism or arrogance can show that you in fact feel unloved and have to compensate by loving yourself too much or exclusively.


Greed can be based on the fear that bad times can happen any time and there will not be enough to survive on.  It is based on the fear that others will look down on you if you don't grasp money.


Lust and the abuse of sex can arise from a fear of being truly close to another person and fearing commitment and being let down.  You may think you are not good enough to be loved properly.


If you are very materialistic that can reveal a sense that nothing really satisfies so you need more and more and more.  You may have despair lurking deep inside and are medicating with consumerism.


Anger may be a symptom of a hidden fear that you are weak and need to rage to protect yourself by scaring others. 


Fear grows legs and poisons your outlook.  Fear hurts you and pains you and gives rise to more fears.  Accordingly Roosevelt wrote that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  So those who seem to have no fear actually do!  You always have to fear something after all!  The fear of fear works like this.  You could be lazy, arrogant, avaricious, lustful and angry because you fear fear.  For example, the narcissist knows that he or she can end up fearful and fear that and try to protect himself or herself by immunisation which take the form of being self-centred and egotistical.  If you do things to protect yourself from fear that first and foremost is about protecting yourself from the fear of fear.


Faith in God cannot remove fear for even God faces things going wrong.  Human free will is blamed for evil not him. The power of God to address evil and force it to become good is irrelevant.  We all fear temporary disasters.  We fear the horror of sin not just the harm it does for sin is seen as an attempt to violate God.


If we are bad, then fear could be the straw that breaks the camel's back and makes us bad.  Fear is an ingredient of evil and evil seeks to propagate itself through fear.  And it is impossible to know what all your fears are for you have hidden fears. Knowing that becomes another source of fear.  As fear is the real issue with sin it follows that crime or sin are aberrations not wrongs.  Strictly speaking there is no crime or sin.  It is therapy not punishment that is needed.  The notion of free will to act morally or immorally is a superstition.  Love the sinner and hate the sin is a sham. The person who hates sin hates the sinner for hating sin implies condemnation of you for what you have done.   It implies that you are being judged as having done wrong or being malicious when the issue is fear.  Even if it only might be fear (we are not talking about if it is actually and definitely fear but might be) it is still vicious and judgemental to call anybody a wrongdoer or a deliberate one.


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