Christians argue that since all of us fear what will come to pass after death there must be a Hell!

Reason replies: 
Presumably, since God makes us and if there is a Hell he would have to warn us by giving us that feeling.

This argument calls anybody who says they don’t have this fear a liar. Atheists can fear extinction at death but none fear Hell. One could well argue that anybody who says they don’t believe in the pope is a liar.

The argument is also vindictive in the sense that it is non-falsifiable – whoever needs to use bad arguments is teaching harmful doctrine and seeking to harm us and manipulate us. It is more evil to use non-falsifiable arguments in favour of nasty doctrines. For example, if Hell logically implies that God is evil and vindictive and that his worshippers are really condoning his evil whether they realise it or not then it is infinitely evil to use non-falsifable arguments in its defence.

The fear of death is not about Hell – it is a fear of extinction and the unknown. It is only some Christians for most are just skeptics who feel the fear of Hell. The argument fails if people exist who don’t fear Hell. As they exist then clearly there is no Hell for God would put the fear of Hell in everybody.

If you don’t fear Hell then presumably you are so evil that you want to go there even if you live a good life. See the vindictiveness in such a stance?

If there were a Hell the fear of judgment at death would be a universal thing but it is not. It is among those who have heard of Hell and think it could exist. But if it existed God would give all people a great worry about what would happen if they died in a bad spiritual state. If he did, most people would be devout!


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