The feeling of being loved by God is your god to you not God

Feelings are not necessarily in line with reality so they can lie to us and warp our perception of the truth.  Feelings do lie to us.  They lie to some more than others.  Many want them to lie to them especially in spiritual matters.  The person who helps you feel good is risking lying to you or getting you to lie to yourself.

People get their feelings to lie to them and the more they have no reality check or the more they lack evidence with regard to a belief they have feelings for the bigger chance they are trying to lie to themselves or actually lying.  There is no such thing as lying to yourself without risking lying to somebody else.  The supernatural as it is not testable gives free rein to lie for there is no getting caught out.  Faith in the supernatural is the reason that every person who believes disagrees with everybody else about it.

A selfish husband may enjoy feeling his wife loves him and love that feeling not her.  If she seems cold he will lose interest in her and not care if she lives or dies for he never really cared in the first place.  He degrades himself and her as well.  Believers who enjoy God's love could be loving the feeling not him.  And knowing how disobedient to God human nature is they probably are doing that.

Religion is out to make you feel loved by God and does not care that it is harmful to think you are loved when you are not.  It is unfair even if not much harm comes and if no harm comes that is down to luck.  The risk of disappointment means there is no justification for letting you go on in your delusion.  And what if some proof happens that you are not loved? If you are not loved by God the proof sure and certain will come!

No matter how evil some event is believers deny it calls the love of God into question.  It is wrong to excuse everything dreadful that happens to you no matter what it is for love respects evidence and seeks to give you enough evidence.  We need to test claims to be sure they are true for truth matters in itself and love is unsafe without it.  So love needs to be testable.  Even if you do not test your wife or husband's love and do not want to you still need to be able to.  Real love lets you test.

Religion would probably admit that if you had a choice between feeling loved and being loved choose the first for being loved does you no good if you do not feel it.  If it preaches that it is a sin to care only about the feeling then to look at it in practice it is all it cares about.

It is selfish to tell others God loves them just because you feel loved because it will lead to them being tempted to put feeling loved above really being loved.

Why do you want to feel loved by God?

You want to feel loved anyway - that is human nature.

You want to feel that you are so loved warmly by God that your sins almost do not matter.

You want to feel nothing is really a complete disaster for God is always with you looking after you.  That is not good if you experience a complete disaster.  A disaster is not made better by you seeing it as less of a disaster - it is made worse. You have to be realistic and see the truth.  And you cannot suffer without others suffering too so don't be so self-centred.

If there is some necessary and unbreakable link between recognising God and being moral then using a duplicate of God based on your feelings is breaking that link.  It is really making morality about what you want it to be.  That is not morality no matter how much it looks like it.  And if God and morality go together then anything that makes you think you are interested in the real God when you are not is top of the list in vice.

Those who say they love God really love being loved by God.  If anybody really loves God they would be very uncommon given what we know of human nature.

A religion which leads to too much violence and lies is probably saturated with selfish people who only do the God thing for the feeling of being loved.  To go to God for feelings you can and should get from your family and friends is not healthy and is not respectful to them.  Turning to God can happen because you hate other people.

You have no right to make faith all about feeling loved by a God for that means you intend to put this feeling in front of the suffering of innocent babies which is allowed to happen by God.  What about the suffering of animals and wars and famine and the list is endless?  Belief in God says that even if evil fits the existence of an almighty and loving God any failure to believe in the right God for the right reasons is intending to condone evil and that is itself evil.  If you think the dentist is right to have a child screaming in the surgery just because he likes the sound of screaming that makes you a bad person even if the real reason the dentist is doing it is to help the child.

Life is not about what you feel.  Get over it.


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