Feminism today is accused of being about abortion rights more than women's rights.


Women who are pro-choice are accused of:

Not wanting to control their body so much as wanting to control the baby

Having sex and sex leads to babies so they asked for the baby even if they felt they did not want it

Her body certainly consented to pregnancy that is for sure

Both the woman having her baby and the woman who aborts are having babies - the latter just gives birth in a sense to a dead one.

It can be said that as pregnancy is not "designed" right - it always damages a woman's body and she cannot give birth without loads of assistance and the baby is always premature for it takes ages for him or her's brain to develop - that abortion rights have to be central to women's liberation.  No being has the right to use and draw upon anybody's body without complete consent.  Pregnancy is not an illness but is very damaging which is why all abortions help the woman's health and are health matters even if there are other issues too. 


Today, the need for liberation of women is well known but men and religious structures hamper it.
Jesus said that no matter how much good you do, even if you do all that is required by God, you must still think of yourself as a useless servant. He forbids the self-esteem of man in this and even more so, he forbids the self-esteem of woman for his religion oppressed women and gave them no authority. It is no excuse to say he just followed the conventions of his time for Jesus continually liked to get up peoples noses and provoke rebellion against convention. Paul the apostle wrote that with Christ there is no male or female or slave or free for all are one in him. The Old and New Testaments never say slavery is wrong and indeed God in the Old Testament allowed it and commanded it and the New Testament has Christians keeping slaves with the approval of the apostles and the Church. What Paul wrote by no means then can be taken to mean that women and men should have the same opportunities.
True feminism does not want to turn women into men. That is really saying, "Its better to be a man or like a man". That is not feminism. Feminism supports the view that women must have the opportunities that men have. A woman can be a builder or a mechanic if she wants to be.
Even if men and women are equal, it is clear that women should be granted more rights and liberties than men. Men are dangerous so we have to take that into account.
Men are more likely to sexually molest children than women are.
Sexual abuse by males is far more likely to harm a child and wound a child than sexual abuse by a woman. Sexual abuse when carried out by women is mostly done to fulfil male sexual desire.
Men are more prone to aggression and violence than women are. Most violent crimes are effected by men. Men who are not violent or aggressive are placid only because there is a testosterone or psychological fault in them. It is not because they are men.
Men are more prone to fostering power-seeking manipulations such as religion and marriage than women are. Religion and marriage deprive women of their dignity and rights. The man has more to gain from marriage than the woman has and the woman is given to him during the ceremony like a commodity. The Church forbids contraception which hurts women more than men. The Church gives men the right to procreate by rape for the Church refuses abortion to women who are raped or who will die if they have another baby. If a woman ends up pregnant with six or seven babies at the one time the Church forbids abortion even though chances are she and the babies will die. No self-respecting woman supports Christianity.
Male sexuality has a strong using instinct in it. A man is stimulated by physical features and by the graphics of the sex act whereas women are more stimulated by love and affection. When a man and woman have sex, the person with the best qualities is the woman. The man has a strong part of his personality that treats her like a thing though it may not look it. Love blinds a woman to this which is why women are still too supportive of marriage.
The Church says that the marriage vows are only marriage vows and the marriage doesn't become binding until the man and woman have sex. The Church insists that a man must have sex with his wife on the wedding night and that that is where the right to have sex starts. This is enforcing the degrading thing that is male sexuality on the woman.
Am I saying a woman shouldn't have sex with a man at all? No. I am only saying that the woman should be aware. Lesbianism though is a better lifestyle for a woman and men should be used only for producing children.
When two people are suitable for employment, a man and a woman, the woman should be chosen. Women not men should be preferred for nursing positions and teaching positions that involve working with young children or teenagers. Women must use feminism to get positions of authority over men.
If a woman hurts a child, it is not her nature. She is weak or suffering some problems. If a man does it then it is his nature even if he is weak and suffering problems too. The punishment of the man should be harsher than that of the woman.
The Christian description of the divine as he and Father and so on implies that the male is a better way of picturing God than the female. God is never called Mother in the the Bible. A Jesus or Son of God who never experienced being a woman is not a true saviour for woman. The Virgin Mary who submits to God is a poor role model for women. Her virginity is applauded not because she refused to let herself be degraded by a man in sex but because she refused to be a temptress and be the degrader of men. She is a role model antithetical to feminism.
People who say that men and women are different but men are as good as woman and vice versa are hypocrites. If there are differences it is mad to say that the differences are equally good. Differences mean that one person may not be as good, may be as good, or even better than another.


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