Equal marriage is a fundamental human right.  Marriage is just marriage and in that sense same sex marriage should be put out of our heads.  If it is just marriage then there is no right to refuse to regard a same sex spouse as a true spouse.
Christian cherry-pickers like to say that they embrace the CORE values and the CORE doctrines of Christianity. Oddly, a lot of them do not consider Christian teaching on marriage as being between a man and woman and not between two men or two women as core doctrine! You would think that as the Church claims to be a society and that the family is its cell that this teaching is even more important than proclaiming Jesus to be God, itself a core doctrine!
Whether sexless or not, the Church forbids same sex marriage. It sees it as an attempt to normalise perversion.
Jesus said that marriage is a man leaving his parents and cleaving to his wife so that they become one - in sex. Some say when he said this he was talking about divorce but not same sex marriage. True but he was also talking about marriage and said it was a man cleaving to his wife for life.
Christians argue that same sex couples do not become one for the body parts do not really fit. Some say that Paul in Romans 1 condemned the people having gay sex for giving up natural relations with natural relations meaning marriage. The Roman Catholic Church also regards marriage as natural law so all sexual activity outside of it is perversion. Romans 1 then if interpreted correctly would be condemning same sex marriage.
The Church says God has become our father for he has adopted us. It says that we can become fathers and mothers by adopting children. But nobody really thinks we become real fathers and mothers. The Church says that same-sex marriage is not a right for it is not real. But when it allows adoption and even sometimes makes it a virtue how can it say that? What room has it to talk? Same sex marriage has more right to be considered real than adoption has.
Should Christian schools be forced to accept the definition of marriage that would be used in a land that legalised same-sex marriage? They must give the Christian definition and the legal definition. It would be improper for the schools to protest against the legal definition as to do so would be supportive of unjust discrimination.
Consider the following. A and B are arguments.
A - the Church should do gay marriage because the Church in marrying provides a service for the state and the celebrant of marriage - religious or otherwise - represents the state when he or she officiates at a marriage.
B - the Church is a big thing in society so the Church should be exempted from performing marriages it does not approve of.
A shows the Church should be equal under the law like everybody else.   And as far as B goes, you don't argue that the Church is big in your country therefore the state should collect taxes for it or that other religions should not be allowed their own schools!
The Church says it cannot tolerate being legally obligated to call a same sex marriage a marriage for it says it is not a real marriage. The Church says that it can't tolerate being forced out of business for refusing to participate in or acknowledge the lie of same sex marriage. This means the Catholic hospital is unable to treat the husband of a gay man as his husband so the husband will be given no visitation rights. It seems unloving to ban the husband but the Church will say that gay sex is about distorted love and abuse of the body of another with the other's consent. It will say in that light that it is loving to ban the husband. The argument that the sexual activity must be left out of this in favour of considering the abiding and over-riding affection, care, compassion and love that one human being can have for another is thus a denial of the Church doctrine that gay love is a disorder and gay sex is the misuse of the body of another and against the way it was designed. Catholic adoption agencies will be forced to accept gay married couples as really married. Catholics will be unable to invite a married gay couple to any event as a married couple. Catholics pay tax for same sex marriage. Sometimes the Church itself as a Church is taxed.
Church Doctrine and Law state, "The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring, has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament between the baptized." Canon 1055, Code of Canon Law, 1983. This states that marriage is natural and has been raised by Jesus to a sacrament for the baptised.  Clearly Jesus refuses to join and help and support any marriage with grace and his presence unless the couple is properly baptised.  This is clearly a terrible extremist position. 

Same sex marriage affirms marriage as a fundamental human right but denies that the marriage of man and woman definition is a human right.  It is equal marriage we need to affirm and enforce.


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