Father O Carroll, Deceitful Medjugorje Defender

Fr Michael O Carroll who is a member of the Pontifical Marian Academy and of the French Society for Marian Studies is a promoter of Medjugorje where Jesus' mother has been supposedly appearing to a few for years. He has joined with the devious Fr Rene Laurentin to do it and his praise for him knows no bounds.

The seers are: Vicka Ivankovic, Mirjana Dragicevic, Marija Pavlovic, Ivan Dragicevic, Ivanka Ivankovic and Jakov Colo. She gave them ten secrets which prophesy the future. Only some of the visionaries report seeing the Lady on a daily basis. The Lady stopped appearing to the rest except on special occasions.

Fr O Carroll’s book is called Medjugorje, Facts, Documents and Theology and was published by Veritas of Dublin.  Yet this incoherent book manages to refute the visions it is meant to support!

Mirjana urged the people to be vigilant and say lots of prayers for the Virgin told her to in 1985 for the fulfilment of the first secret is near (page 44). This prophecy proved false. Supporters will say the sign is postponed because of the prayers but there is no hint that the prophecy of the Virgin was conditional. The war took place too long after the prophecy so it was not the first secret. Nor was it ever said that it was.
Bishop Zanic is put down on page 50 for having the hallucination theory as his favourite. But the Bishop was using hallucination in a broad sense. He does not think the witnesses are all sick in the medical sense but may be seeing what is not there. It may be a kind of self-delusion or psychic delusion that they are having.
Laurentin is praised for being scientific with regard to the visions on page 52 and looking at all objections. But Laurentin only looked at a few of them which is not much good. There were plenty of things that he should have been disturbed about that he pretended he did not see.

O Carroll fails to discern that just like today it is regarded as offensive to talk about disabled people for it should be people with disabilities which avoids the insult of identifying people as people with their disability so it is offensive for this Queen of so-called Peace to ask us to call ourselves sinners. “Pray for us sinners” in the Hail Mary which is in the rosary which Mary has wanted prayed according to nearly all her apparitions is totally insulting. Words program the mind to exercise disrespect so she has caused a lot of trouble. Jesus said that it is by their bad fruits you shall know the fakes and this lady is either a demon or a piece of make-believe. Despite Jesus calling us sinners we are not sinners even if we commit sin. What we are is people who sin. The excuse that Jesus just spoke the way the people around him did and did not mean anything by it is unacceptable. He claimed to be an expert on morality and the man to break the mould and change society. He was not God or the Son of God but just another man with attitude.
The lady does not condemn the pope for the terrible abuses he has brought in. He tolerates the occultic enneagram in seminaries – it was used in Maynooth when I was there – and he does not stamp out communion in the hand. He does many other things that do not fit Bible teaching. This lady is an accessory and should chastise him like as she believes her Bible tells her that St Paul chastised Pope Peter! Her silence is saying it is okay for these things to happen. Her words might fall on some deaf ears but that is no excuse for Jesus taught away though most of the time he was only wasting his energy and he admitted this. The lady is not Mary.
Important revelations in the booklet are:
That Laurentin told Zanic to keep the fact that Vicka had a diary recording that the Virgin incited disobedience to Zanic under his hat because of the pilgrimages and conversions at Medjugorje. In other words, Laurentin wanted to make a pious fraud out of it.

Laurentin chose fifty-six medical files allegedly verifying miraculous cures at Medjugorje and these were sent to the Lourdes Medical Bureau which rejected the inexplicability of the cures.
This body decides which of the cures at Lourdes cannot be explained and supplies the Church with the information required to decide if a miracle has taken place. The miracles must have been worse than unconvincing for the Lourdes Medical Bureau has blundered several times in proclaiming cures inexplicable when they were not and when the records were sketchy. It is a fact that the Virgin promised the cure of a dying child allegedly before the child recovered (page 42, Medjugorje by Daniel Baldwin). This was the first miracle. But when the Church investigated it was found that the documentation was insufficient (page 31, ibid). So Mary does a miracle as a sign knowing that the scientific data has not been kept up to scratch! This creature is not from the all-knowing God nor is she the real Mary for her sign failed.
Mirjana lied on tape and was recorded taking an oath on that tape to speak only the truth. She claimed the visionaries were going to the hill to care for sheep the first time they saw the Virgin whereas their object was to smoke. When reminded she was under oath she admitted the truth.
The first commission of bishops was appalled by the absurd story of God going to destroy the world over a bloody hanky which was recorded as approved by the Virgin in Vicka’s diary. She was so ashamed that later she chose to deny there was such a diary. If she had been falsely accused of having this diary why did she not appeal the commission for a transgression against canon law? Excerpts from the diary were published by her devotees. She sometimes claimed her memory was bad so she had to have had a diary.
In 1982, Vicka told the bishop that the Virgin wanted him to know that he was too harsh with the Franciscans. She could not tell him in what way which proves the Virgin never said it at all. The Virgin would not be so vague.
There is a tape recording of Marija and Fr Graufenauer in which the Virgin takes the side of disobedient priests Vego and Prusina against the Bishop. Zanic was never ever warned by Rome for anything he did which suggests Rome was happy with him and respected and sanctioned his right to act as he did.
Marija Pavlovic got a revelation from the Virgin approving of a religious set-up in which boys and girls lived together in a commune which led to scandal. She later admitted that she never received this revelation and announced that she made it up. She had to for the pressure was on for the commune could have destroyed the reputation of the Virgin of Medjugorje. Vlasic wanted the commune approved from Heaven which is evidence that he manipulates Marija.
The Virgin called for the distribution of one of Laurentin’s books on Medjugorje. The real Virgin would not like his writings for they have too many errors and untruths.
Ivan wrote down the first secret for the first commission and it claimed that a shrine would be built to Mary at Medjugorje in June 1982. It was put into an envelope to be opened a few years later. The prophecy was false. Yet Ivan had been saying he put a plain sheet of paper with nothing on it in the envelope which was a lie.
Ivan did write on the sheet. He lied about it for the visionaries started to say that the Virgin strictly warned that the secrets were never to be told until the time was near for their fulfilment. So he lied when he found out about this when it was too late. Obviously he had been faking the visions. He would have known he wasn’t allowed to do that if he had really been having visions. Secrets are secrets.
Laurentin claimed the sheet was blank too. Ivan was present when the envelope was opened and never denied that he wrote what was inside it.
The bishop has physical proof on tapes and letters to support what he says. There is no physical proof that he is wrong. The Virgin would have no right to ask us to believe her.

The Virgin said on page 172 Medjugorje, Facts, Documents and Theology, "Today I bless you with a solemn blessing that the Almighty grants me to give." But only priests and bishops in communion with the pope can give such a blessing. An apparition has no right to do something so serious because the apparition's authenticity even when accepted by the Church is still only a matter of opinion.
She says according to page 181, "I invite you to reflect on why I am so long with you. I am a Mediatress between you and God." She said that 17 July 1986. If that is her reason then why were there never any constant and daily apparitions until Medjugorje?
Page 187 makes a goddess of the apparition for she knows all things, "Our Lady's knowledge of all things, her power in grasping a whole comprehensive plan and of entering into every detail of what its accomplishment will entail. This knowledge is so necessary to what she says, how she rebukes the villagers, what she promises, the kind of encouragement she constantly gives, that it is easily taken for granted." If Mary needs to know all that in order to help us then clearly she is able to make decisions without God. Mary could pray for us without knowing all the details of our lives. The Church tells us to pray for strangers. The Medjugorje lady is a goddess and obsessed with what is not really her business namely the private lives of people.
Page 195 states that it is up to the bishop to decide if the apparitions are real and from God but it accuses him of ignoring the facts and telling lies to justify his denial that the visions are from Heaven. The book calls to disobedience. It admits the bishop has the authority and then argues that we can ignore him for he is dishonest!
Medjugorje: A Time for Truth and a Time for Action, by Denis Nolan exaggerates the faults of the tapes and accused anti-Medjugorje expert Fr Sivric of drawing conclusions without talking to the visionaries themselves. None of this holds up. Nolan and Laurentin agrees that when the seers were allegedly kidnapped on 30 June 1981 it was to prevent them having a vision. But Vicka admitted on Sivric’s tape that they asked the people to take them away from Medjugorje to see if the Virgin would appear. She committed calumny.

Fr Rupcic wrote with Laurentin that Vicka had four diaries but years later he denied she kept such a record in Nolan’s book page 313.
With all the lies and slanders that have issued from priests associated with Medjugorje we feel frightened to trust any priest who supports a miracle. Pious fraud is more common than Catholics think.

This priest abused his position to purvey lies and sell books.


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