Transphobia is very rife.  In its more subtle form it goes, "Let us support trans for they are only a tiny minority and thank goodness always will be."  True affirmation for trans does not care if everybody changes gender. 

A social construct is just a language tool and is not real but has real effects and consequences.  Lies and illusions do have effects.

Biological sex is a social construct and it seems anti-science to say that.  Or is it?

Some say it is just a pattern not a thing.  It's a spectrum.  This is consistent with the view that nature is just the way it turned out and is not designed or planned.

A less revolutionary view is that biological sex is irrelevant at least for some people.   If that is true then it is potentially irrelevant for us all.  We can make it irrelevant.  It has no inherent relevance.

It seems trans means there really is biological sex but you have to bring it in line with your identity, your gender identity. But why can't trans be about DNA giving you your identity but the body is not matching?  This would mean your biological sex is between the ears literally and the physical characteristics you are born with are birth defects.

If there is no biological male or biological female then how can there be such a thing as gender dysphoria, the suffering that comes from knowing you are born in the wrong gender?  But why not?  You can imagine somebody who is literally genderless and who still has dysphoria perhaps to be a man.

What about transition? It is clear that even if biological sex is malleable and changeable there is a transition. So transition can describe a process without biological sex being real.  Lived experience is what makes you who you are more than the body does.  It is that simple.

Some use intersex as proof that sex is not binary.  It is claimed, "Intersex is not an identity or what a person is. It is simply a fact about your biology. Identifying as intersex is as silly as saying you can identify as your freckles or your birthmark."  But sex identity or gender identity is about your identity in a way that even your job or vocation is not.  If a man can identify as a woman, or a woman as a man then intersex may have a lived experience too that tells them what gender if any they are.

It is argued that variations in the chromosomes beyond xx and xy are not new sexes but only differences. Those who say sex is a genetic spectrum would beg to differ.  The argument against them is that a person with red hair isn’t a new kind of human being. A man with red hair even if he is the only one ever born or if he is most men ever born is not a different kind of man but just a man. In this logic, if you have Klinefelter syndrome which gives you xxy chromosomes, that is not a new sex. To say it is, is held to be the same as saying one with Down Syndrome is a new species. He or she is trisomy 21 and this has nothing to do with implying he or she is in anyway less or more than human. He or she is simply a human being.

How do do you answer that?  Simple.  It depends on how you define sex.  Two creatures can be a different species despite not having many DNA differences.  Variations in chromosomes do exhibit different sexes. 

Society suffers pressure to hold that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.   It is argued that intersex does not overthrow that any more than you can say a club foot is a normal foot.  Society does not want mothers to be identifying as fathers or father-mother as you might have if a person is nonbinary.  Or fathers identifying as mother-fathers or mothers.  The idea of using birthing parent and non-birthing parent is currently very unpopular.

So what is the scientific case for sex being real and binary?

"One reason for holding that sex is binary is based on how we never produce anything other than eggs OR sperm.  In fact it is enough.  Every cell in a female body programmes her to produce eggs, the female gametes. Every cell in a male body programmes him to produce sperm, the male gamete."

It seems then from this that a man cannot be a woman or vice versa.  It seems you cannot be nonbinary.

Here is the truth.  Gametes are nonbinary.  They are like water that can show up as steam or ice. 

There is no essential difference between eggs and sperm. They carry DNA.

The egg is bigger than the sperm and the egg sits there waiting until the sperm swims to it. But this is like the difference between John being on a parked bus or propelling down the hill on a bike.

The way sperm originates in the testes and eggs in the ovaries is irrelevant. The point is they are only houses for DNA and their origins do not matter.

Sperm being surrounded by a plasma membrane does not mean it is that different from an egg envelope. That is like saying changing clothes changes what and who you are.

Being told you are born male or female and that cannot change is in effect reducing you to how your reproductive DNA is organised.

If a male bodied person identifies as female then this person is in a female body that has what we would call male anatomy. Some reject the notion they are in the wrong body and affirm that they have the wrong parts – birth defects and will remove them for they love their body.  It is love to agree and help them.

There is no design in nature or biology.  There is just a pattern that we have the right to take charge of.  We have the right to design ourselves.  It seems that puberty is not a medical condition.  Trans often need puberty blockers.  Their experience is that if nature runs its course it will be giving them a puberty that does not belong to them.  If they feel their puberty would be a medical condition then affirm and assert that it is.

We affirm that transmen are men.  We affirm that transwomen are women.  We affirm that nonbinary are nonbinary.  That is not a part of care.  It is THE part of care.


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