Gay people are often accused of hating the Church.  Even if they did who really hates the most?


CHRISTIANS SAY, We love gay people but we must protect them from themselves.  Otherwise we do not really love them. 



But we hate their sin vehemently for it is an abomination.  God says a man must not lie with a man for it's an abomination.  This implies that their sin is worse than the sins most of us commit.

We love God with all our hearts so we naturally hate the sin of homosexuality with all our hearts.  Gay people will go to Hell forever if they die without having sincerely requested forgiveness from God.  They choose to prefer their own way to God's and must pay the price. 


TRANSLATION: They must be very evil indeed when they would reject god and everybody else to spend eternity in Hell.


We will be happy in Heaven and what the gays suffer in Hell will not bother us at all.  We say we can punish the sin but not the sinner which proves that we really love sinners




The sin of homosexuality is a sin that has nailed Jesus to the cross for he had to pay for our sins. 




No matter how happy and healthy a gay couple are, we still say it is wrong for God has written it in his holy book the Bible.  They should part and repent.  God knows best that it is wrong.  We don't agree with hating gays for we are all sinners. 


TRANSLATION: If we were not sinners or were clean from sin it would be all right to hate sinners.  What a lame thing they claim!  They can't claim that hate in itself is wrong for they advocate hating sin.  Indeed if you hate all the sins  you see you would be better off being non-religious and hating a few of your enemies.  It would be less destructive.  If being a sinner yourself means you shouldn't hate other sinners, then if their sin is worse than yours - homosexuality remember is an abomination according to the Bible - then you can hate them a bit if their sin is worse than yours.

We do not advocate violence against gay people.  Sometimes though human weakness a person can attack others by going crazy with hatred for their sin.  Such a person may not be guilty of sin at all.


If gay people fail to see how evil their actions are, that is the sin of spiritual blindness.  Their actions are objectively evil meaning that they are very very bad even if they are done with the best of intentions.  Jesus said that the charity working Pharisee who thanked God for making him so holy was rejected by God.  And this despite the Pharisee being convinced that he was right with God.  See Luke 16.  If there is no God, then doing evil is not too serious.  That is because there is no God to insult and despise by it. 


It is obvious once you say somebody is blind to their evil, the only answer is to confront them with evil and hurt them so they start to see the true face of evil and hopefully its presence in themselves.


TRANSLATION: If John believes that the wrong he did only hurt people and not God he will be less evil than the person who believes that to hurt people us to hurt God as well.  There can be no justification for a doctrine that increases the bile when we do wrong.  No truly good person however charming would ever teach you a doctrine that ensures that when you sin you intend to do worse than a person who believes in no religion or in no God could.  Christianity is doomed to fail as an educator in goodness.  Promoting belief in a God who asks us to account for sin is compatible with wanting to promote religion and religious hypocrisy but not real goodness.  It is an act of hate.  The hate is very strong when such hypocritical religion condemns homosexuality so strongly.


Christians would need to be able to prove their religion before they can go about condemning all homosexual activity just because their religion says it is forbidden.  Most Christians never open a Bible never mind know if it is a believable scripture or not.


Even if homosexuality were generally bad and dangerous, there would have to be some exceptions.  The Christians say there are none.  This is absolutist and fundamentalist.  It just refuses to see if there are any cases out there where being gay and practicing has done no harm or done a lot of good.  People with that approach cannot expect us to believe them when they claim to love homosexuals.


Christians simply deny they hate.  Anybody could say that they do not hate.  People often pretend that they have nothing against their enemies.  We need proof if they do not hate.  Where is it? It doesn't exist.


A scripture writer, thought to have been the apostle John, declared that if you see somebody sinning pray for them to convert and to be forgiven but warned that there is a sin that there is no point in praying about.  This must be about the sin of final impenitence - dying while refusing to reconcile with God.  So Christians are obligated to assume a homosexual who dies without showing repentance is damned.  Nobody could genuinely love homosexuals if they thought the homosexuals example could influence their own child and lead that child to Hell - even if the cancer was a very small one.  A small chance is actually an enormous chance if there could be a fate so terrible!  Whether Christians choose to admit it or not, the Bible is their constitution and they are supporting it merely by claiming to be Christians.


The Christian insistence on repentance being necessary for fellowship with God is malicious. If you find yourself dying, you may not have the chance to even think about repentance. Thus God should have no grudge against you and understand this and reason, "I will let you away with it and assume you would have repented had you got the chance. Therefore welcome to Heaven and you are forgiven." Doctrines such as Jesus having to atone all sin are ridiculous. If you can't change the past and don't get the chance at death to change genuine mercy would say you should get away with whatever evil you have done. This isn't about condoning the evil you have done but about being fair to you under these circumstances.

Christianity teaches that not trying to influence people away from committing serous sin is hatred.  The bible says that he who withholds the rod hates his son.  The point is that if a Christian refuses to express disapproval to a homosexual he or she becomes part of the reason why the person ends up damned should that happen.  To hate a person this cold way, would be more harmful and evil than hating them emotionally.  Hate of the latter kind always starts with a cold ill-will towards those who hurt you or who you find offensive. The Christians say that God will judge the gays and if the gays don't like to know that then they must ask themselves why it bothers them to be reminded that God will judge.  The insinuation is that the gays suspect they are against God's ways and fit only for judgment and condemnation.


The Church argues that it has a right to set up schools using state money for most tax payers are members of the Church.  But gay people pay money to the Church so by the same logic they should be entitled to compel the Church to allow them to marry in Church!  The Church does not have the respect for gay people to admit this.


We accept sins such as gluttony and gossip but homosexuality is an abomination.  We will not accept sin.  If that makes us hypocrites then so what?


The idea of abomination singles it out for special hate.  The rationale in the Bible is that stigmatising some actions like that stops them spreading through the community.


We condemn discrimination if it is unfair.  We do not believe gay or lesbian people have the right to marry.  Thus it is not discrimination to deny them marriage rights simply because they cannot really marry no matter what they do or how hard they try.  A man and man union is not the same as a male female union such as that of marriage. 


COMMENT: This is merely a more polite way of saying what the gay bashers say! Also they are saying they have the right to define marriage as a male and female union and they deny the right of people to have a different definition based on love. Gay marriage is based on the idea that love makes a marriage regardless if the married couple is the same sex or not. It is not about gender but love. And even if the critics of gay marriage were right and gay marriage is only a delusional marriage, who cares as long as the couple feels married and in love? Who cares as long as it improves their lives?


To live as a gay person in a sexual relationship is a grave sin and kills the soul.  It is inherently objectively and really against morality never mind the Church and Jesus.  You can refuse to give a small scone to a beggar and not sin inherently.  But you cannot be gay and avoid sin.  It is always a disordered relationship and a distortion of love.


TRANSLATION: See how giving to a beggar is considered to be less  important than keeping from gay sex.
COMPARE ALL THE ATTITUDES!  Then you will see that the queer-bashers have more mercy for gays than the Christians!


Who then should be prioritised then for a charge of incitement to hatred?


The religious problem with gays is enabled by many who are not in the Church.  For example, those who stake gay rights on people being born gay are homophobic. If you really are okay with it it will not matter to you how somebody becomes gay.


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